As an ice hockey club, we understand the importance of standing together during difficult times. Currently, our country is facing a challenging period with an ongoing war and daily terrorist attacks. In light of this situation, we believe it is crucial to redirect our support to organizations that urgently need it.

Below are two organizations that have been tirelessly working to protect and provide aid in Ukraine:

Azov Brigade
On the Guard of Freedom

Since the start of the military russian aggression in 2014, the Azov Brigade has been at the forefront, defending Ukraine's freedom and sovereignty. These brave individuals selflessly risk their lives to secure a free and safe Ukraine.
To support the Azov Brigade's efforts, please consider donating through their official website:
Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital
Saving Lives on the Frontline

The Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital (PFVMH) is a non-governmental organization comprised of civilian healthcare professionals providing critical medical care on the frontline of the war in Ukraine.
Since its founding in 2014, PFVMH has been delivering essential medical aid within the occupied territories in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, saving lives under challenging circumstances.
If you wish to support the noble work of PFVMH, you can make a donation on their website:

In these trying times, every contribution makes a significant difference in the lives of those affected by the war. Your generosity and compassion will go a long way in helping these organizations continue their essential missions.

Thank you for being a part of this collective effort.