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In early 2023, during a harsh winter and spring marked by a full-scale invasion from our largest neighbor, we found ourselves contemplating the future. We pondered the future of our country, the process of rebuilding, and how to reintegrate sports as a fundamental aspect of Ukraine’s future society.
Out of these reflections, the Kyiv Capitals were born — a club that embodies Ukraine’s vibrant culture and rich sports history. Our club stands as a symbol of strength, diversity, the unwavering determination of athletes, and the solidarity of our community.
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Ukraine, on the western fringe of the Eurasian steppe, has a rich history as a gateway to Europe. This gateway has embodied both openness, facilitating the flow of people, goods, and ideas, and fortification, safeguarding against foreign invasions. Kyiv, as the capital, exemplifies this legacy. The city has consistently functioned as both a symbolic triumphal entrance and the official gateway to the country.

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We are the main hockey team in Kyiv, and we proudly raise our crown high above our heads, symbolizing our unwavering reign and commitment to the game.
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The letter K serves as the cornerstone of our brand, marking the inception of our narrative. It signifies the commencement of a fresh chapter in the tale of contemporary Ukrainian hockey
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Kyiv is a city of contrasts. It’s a blend of toughness and intelligence, party vibes and hipster flair, tradition and eclecticism. This unique mix is what makes Kyiv so captivating. Our new font mirrors this spirit – it’s a fusion of strength, intellect, festivity, tradition, and a touch of wildness. It’s all about embracing the city’s diversity.

Our font doesn’t just capture a place’s character; it unravels its history and philosophy. It seamlessly weaves in the essence of Ukrainian avant-garde, giving life to Kyiv Type.
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The inverted triangle is a nod to Kyiv’s coat of arms, designed in the late 1960s, and to the unofficial emblem of Kyiv, representing the city of chestnut trees in full bloom.

Kyiv’s coat of arms featured a shield divided into two sections. At its center, a blossoming chestnut branch and an arrow were depicted, representing Kyiv’s historical symbolism.


The first known coat of arms of Kyiv depicts a bow with an arrow, as seen in Konrad Grünberg’s 1480 armorial.

This emblem symbolizes the enduring need for the people of Kyiv to defend themselves from enemy attacks, a sentiment echoed in European heraldry where the bow represents regions in a state of war.

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Here you will discover our brand kit, ensuring you have access to the correct design assets for your projects dedicated to the Kyiv Capitals.


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Our goal is to become Ukraine's most recognized hockey brand, symbolizing the pride and spirit of our vibrant city.

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