Yevhen Alipov

Birth date

Yevhen Alipov, renowned in the hockey world for his skillful play and exceptional coaching prowess, embarked on his journey at Kyiv’s Sokil and traversed through numerous Ukrainian and foreign clubs. His stellar hockey career includes stints with the Ukrainian national team and several championship triumphs. Transitioning from player to coach, Yevhen’s experience and expertise ushered in a new era in hockey. As head coach of “Kompanion,” he clinched the Ukrainian Championship and achieved success internationally with the Georgian national team.

In 2023, Yevhen Alipov assumed the helm of the HC “Kyiv Capitals” women’s team, guiding them to silver at the Ukrainian Championship. Under his leadership in 2024, the national women’s team secured victory at the World Championship.

Yevhen plays a pivotal role in nurturing young talents at Kryzhynka, passing on his wealth of knowledge to the next generation of hockey players. His significant contributions to women’s hockey and the Ukrainian youth national team underscore Yevhen’s status as one of the most influential coaches of our time.