Vadym Kir’yan

Birth date

Vadym Kir’yan, coach and talent scout at Kryzhynka, emerged as a standout figure in Ukrainian hockey. With his roots tracing back to the Sokil school in Kyiv, Vadym’s coaching journey took flight in 1995 at Kryzhynka, where he steered the 1996-born team to multiple Ukrainian championships until 2009. Transitioning to the Hockey Academy-College project of the FHU from 2011 to 2017, Vadym served as manager for Brovarski Vovki HC and the youth team “Shershni” in Bohuslav, contributing significantly to the establishment of a hockey school in Kovalivka.

Since 2020, Kiryan has been a pivotal figure as a coach and teacher at the Olympic College, fostering a strong collaboration with Kryzhynka to nurture budding talents, particularly for the youth team. His enduring commitment to the development of Ukrainian hockey is widely recognized, as he continues to shape generations of champions on the ice.