Oleksandr Fedorov

Birth date

Oleksandr Fedorov emerged as a prominent figure in hockey, transitioning from a stellar playing career to a coaching role. Hailing from Sokil school, Fedorov showcased his talent across leading Ukrainian clubs like Sokil, Berkut, and Kompanion, alongside international stints in North America, Latvia, and Belarus. As a steadfast goalkeeper for the national team of Ukraine, he proudly represented his country at the Salt Lake City Olympic Games.

Upon retiring from playing, Fedorov shifted his focus to coaching, initially with Berkut from 2014 to 2018. Since 2016, he’s been instrumental as the coach for Ukraine’s youth and junior national teams, shaping the next generation of talent. Joining the coaching staff of Kryzhynka in 2018 as a goalkeeper coach, Fedorov imparts his wealth of experience to nurture future hockey stars. Since 2023, he’s been grooming the goalkeepers of HC “Kyiv Capitals,” solidifying his reputation as one of the most respected coaches in the hockey community, contributing significantly to Ukraine’s hockey development.