Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team emerged victorious against Kryzhinka-Capitals in a hard-fought battle.

Kyiv Capitals (Kyiv) – Kryzhynka-Capitals (Kyiv) – 5:3 (1:0; 2:1; 2:2)
Pucks: 1:0 – Dvornyk (Melnykov, Oliynyk), 18:30; 1:1 – Horbunov (Pavlenko), 35:30; 2:1 – Plesovskykh (Koida, Dvornyk), 37:30; 3:1 – Panchenko (Melnykov, Sirchenko), 39:50; 3:2 – Ihnatenko (Tsiura), 40:50; 4:2 – Melnykov (Oliynyk, Chernenko), 45:30; 5:2 – Tyshchenko (Chernenko, Panchenko, power play), 56:30; 5:3 – Polovchenko (Tsiura, Olkhovenko), 57:30

Kyiv Capitals: Nazar Boyko; Tymur Lapko, Valentyn Sirchenko, Oleksii Melnykov, Danylo Tyshchenko, Oleksandr Valkun, Roman Diachenko, Mykola Dvornyk, Oleksandr Dreval, Oleksandr Koida, Mykyta Oliynyk, Yaroslav Panchenko, Denys Plesovskykh, Serhii Chernenko
Head coach: Vadym Shakhraichuk

Kryzhynka-Capitals: Yaroslav Andriichuk; Ihor Horbunov, Matvii Mazko, Nazar Katrusha, Nazar Khrypun, Ihor Fedorenko, Ivan Udovenko, Oleksandr Polovchenko, Mykhailo Tsiura, Danylo Pavlenko, Illia Merzliak, Mykhailo Olkhovenko, Yehor Zelenskyi, Yaroslav Filippov
Head coach: Ihor Arkhypenko

As stated in the announcement, our adult team for this tournament was composed with an experimental approach. Along with players who represented Kyiv Capitals last season, including Oleksii Melnykov from Berserks, we also enlisted the talents of Nazar Boyko, Roman Diachenko, Denys Plesovskykh, Oleksandr Valkun, and Oleksandr Dreval under the guidance of Vadym Shakhraichuk. The boys showcased their skills in both the main adult league and JHL throughout the season.

Furthermore, Yaroslav Andriichuk took on the role of goalkeeper for Kryzhynka-Capitals. Players with main league experience also joined our youth team, such as Mykhailo Tsiura from Dnipro and Ihor Horbunov from Berserks. Apart from them, the colors of Kryzhynka-Capitals were defended by Mykola Ihnatenko, Matvii Mazko, Ivan Udovenko and Danylo Pavlenko. The remaining spots were filled by the reigning champions of Junior Hockey League.

The advantage of Kryzhynka-Capitals in this match should have been a slightly longer squad, as well as a larger number of defenders in the team. Additionally, the season for our youth team ended later, giving them more time to prepare. On the other hand, Ihor Arkhypenko`s team lacked the experience and skill that Kyiv Capitals possessed.

In the first period, the adult team managed to secure the lead thanks to Mykola Dvornyk’s goal. The rest of the game saw more goals, with three being scored in just over four minutes in the second period. Ihor Horbunov initially equalized the score, but Denys Plesovskykh and Yaroslav Panchenko quickly put the Kyiv Capitals ahead by two goals.

This lead remained until the final siren, with the Kyiv Capitals maintaining their advantage throughout the game. In the final period, both teams managed to score four more goals, evenly splitting them between them. Melnykov and Tyshchenko scored for Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team, while Mykola Ihnatenko and Oleksandr Polovchenko added to the goal tally for Kryzhynka-Capitals. As a result, Kyiv Capitals emerged victorious, earning the first three points of the tournament.

Both teams are set to play their future tournament matches next week, with Ihor Arkhypenko’s team facing Sparta and Vadym Shakhraichuk`s team taking on Sokil Junior.