Match 1. 24th February, 15:00, Kyiv Sports Palace. Broadcast: YouTube Hockey LIVE
Match 2. 25th February, 11:00, Kyiv Sports Palace. Broadcast: YouTube Hockey LIVE

The fight for gold medals in the championship of Ukraine among women’s teams is reaching the finish line. The leaders of the championship – Capitals and Panthers have only four matches left, but all of them will be face-to-face. So, the level of intrigue is maximum.

Currently, Yevhen Alipov’s team are ahead of the Kharkiv team only by the difference in goals scored and conceded (+143 compared to +108 for the opponents). In the previous eight matches, the Kyiv team conceded only four goals. Instead, the puck was in the possession of Vadym Radchenko’s team five times.

Due to this statistics, it is obvious that the leading positions in the rating of scorers and assistants are held by representatives of these teams. The best sniper of the championship is the striker of Capitals Elizabeth Alipova. She has 39 goals. At the same time Viktoriia Tsenova from Panthers is second with 28 goals. Four Capitals` players are at the top of the list of assists. Among them: Yuliia Dobrovolska (31), Elen Alipova (29), Elizabeth Alipova (23) and Nadiia Kosich (21). Likewise, Melissa Galas from Kharkiv team has 21 assist.

In the end, at least one team will be forced to end its` winning streak as a result of future matches. We will find it out during the upcoming weekend.