Kyiv Capitals` defender Deniss Berdniks shared his summer break activities, reflected on the past season, revealed his favorite spots in Kyiv, and discussed his expectations for the upcoming playing year.

Deniss, there is currently a pause in the championship of Ukraine. How do you spend your off-season?

Now I`m in Kyiv. I have been actively preparing for the upcoming season, focusing on training to enhance my skills.

How would you summarize the 2023/2024 season for the Kyiv Capitals?

I believe the season was overall successful, with a particularly strong first half. The team worked effectively, but there is room for improvement. We aim to showcase this in the upcoming season.

In your opinion, what did the team lack to perform better in the playoffs against Sokil?

I think that our team lacked self-belief and self-confidence, which are more linked to psychological factors.

During the playoffs, you got disqualified for one of the matches. How difficult was it to realize that you will not be able to help the team and watch the game from the stands?

It was very difficult psychologically. Watching matches from the stands and not being able to help the guys on the ice is the worst thing that can happen.

What are the TOP-3 standout matches of the season for the team?

I’ll begin with the game against Kremenchuk, where I made my debut for the Kyiv Capitals, resulting in a 6:0 victory. Additionally, I would highlight two matches against Sokil, one during the regular season and the other in the playoff series. Both ended with our victories (3:2).

Which was the most memorable puck thrown during the season for you?

I remember the winning puck in the playoff match against Sokil.

Which striker proved to be the toughest opponent to face this season?

 I will choose Vitalii Lialka, the captain of Kremenchuk.

You told us about your first impressions of Kyiv. After more than seven months in the capital, what else could be noted? Which attractions do you find most appealing?

This is my first summer in Kyiv, and I`m enjoying the warm climate here. I particularly enjoy taking evening strolls around the city. Among my favorite spots are Mother Ukraine monument and the glass bridge, where I love gazing at the Dnipro River below.

You were among the first hockey players to sign a new contract with the club for the 2024/2025 season. Can you share with us the process behind re-signing?

Discussions regarding the new agreement started in February. To prevent distractions during the playoffs, the negotiations were postponed slightly. Following the season’s conclusion, we sat down with the Kyiv Capitals management and came to a mutually beneficial agreement. I am highly impressed with the club’s organization and am thrilled to continue my journey here.

What are some well wishes you could offer to the Kyiv Capitals fans during the summer break?

We are eagerly anticipating the upcoming season and are committed to delivering numerous triumphs to bring joy to our supporters. We also hope to see you in the stands more frequently!