The publication of the decision by the Disciplinary Committee, conducted in a closed session, flagrantly violates all regulatory norms of the Federation, significantly tarnishing the image and impeding the development of ice hockey in Ukraine.

Regarding Decision No. 23-24/14 of the Disciplinary Committee of the Hockey Federation of Ukraine, the Kyiv Capitals Hockey Club emphasizes that the decision was rendered without due consideration of the club’s appeals to the Disciplinary Committee, the Refereeing Quality Assessment Committee, and the Sports Director of the FHU. Our appeal, accompanied by pertinent video evidence, was submitted to the Hockey Federation of Ukraine on February 4. Regrettably, it appears that the Disciplinary Committee disregarded the Kyiv Capitals’ perspective in its deliberations.

This situation epitomizes a troubling trend within the Hockey Federation of Ukraine, wherein the authorities seemingly operate with impunity, disregarding the sentiments of the broader hockey community, particularly those actively fostering the growth of the sport in our country.

The freedom to think and express oneself is an inherent human trait that cannot be curtailed or restricted by any decree. Ukrainian society has entrusted the FHU with the autonomy to address the nation’s hockey affairs. Consequently, the FHU is accountable to Ukrainian society, serving as a representative body for all stakeholders. However, what we observe is a dictatorial regime within hockey governance, which perpetuates entrenched systems at the expense of the sport’s integrity, fostering disillusionment and eroding trust.

Sport, including hockey, should embody principles of honesty, fairness, and mutual respect, grounded in pure competition. It should not succumb to the dictates of hypocrites and corrupt influences.

The Kyiv Capitals Hockey Club urgently appeals for an open meeting of the Council of the All-Ukrainian public organization “Hockey Federation of Ukraine,” with participation from representatives of teams competing in the Ukrainian ice hockey championship. We urge that the primary agenda of this meeting be the scrutiny of refereeing standards in the Ice Hockey Championship of Ukraine and the efficacy of the FHU’s sports justice mechanisms.

Despite our previous appeals, the President of the Hockey Federation of Ukraine, Mr. Zubko Heorhiy Yuriyovych, has disregarded our concerns. Moreover, the Disciplinary Committee, whose composition raises significant doubts, has issued a disdainful and unsubstantiated ruling. Furthermore, the Refereeing Quality Assessment Commission and the Sports Director have failed to discharge their official responsibilities by providing satisfactory responses to the Club.

To safeguard the principles of transparency, integrity, and accessibility within the All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Hockey Federation of Ukraine,” we formally request the expeditious convening of a Council meeting.

For reference, pertinent information is sourced from public outlets.

Andrii Volodymyrovych Kicha (born August 30, 1980) is a Ukrainian ice hockey referee, linesman. Referee of the international category.

Vice-president of the Hockey Federation of Ukraine

Chief referee of match #81 of the Ukrainian Hockey Championship between the teams “Kyiv Capitals” and “Dnipro” (Kherson).
Accused in the case of a record-breaking bribe to law enforcement officers, who agreed to a deal with the prosecutor. Kich was accused of aiding the ex-minister of ecology Mykola Zlochevskyi in providing a $5 million bribe to the leadership of NABU and SAP.

According to the court’s verdict, he was sentenced to five years in prison. However, on the basis of Art. 75 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the court released Kich from serving the prescribed sentence with probation – with a probationary period of one year.

Attached herewith are videos and correspondences for your perusal: [Google Drive Link]