Yuriy Pavlov

Birth date

Yuriy Pavlov, a senior coach-teacher of the second category and one of the most seasoned mentors at Kryzhynka School, has left an indelible mark on the development of hockey in Ukraine. Commencing his hockey journey at the “Start” stadium in Kyiv under the tutelage of Volodymyr Balakin, he swiftly ascended to the youth ranks of “Dynamo”. Yuriy emerged as the first Kyivan to don the “Dynamo” jersey and assumed captaincy during the 1969/70 season, guiding the team to the summit of Soviet hockey’s top league. Upon concluding his illustrious playing career, Pavlov transitioned seamlessly into coaching at Kryzhynka, where he nurtured talents like the renowned Dmytro Hristych. His life and professional trajectory serve as a beacon of inspiration for the younger generation, propelling them to strive for greatness in sports.