Vasyl Bobrovnikov

Birth date

Vasyl Bobrovnikov, a graduate of Atek Hockey School, stands as a prominent figure in Ukrainian hockey. His journey in the sport began at an early age, leading him to attain the esteemed title of Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine. As a central striker, Vasyl served as captain for the Sokil team for numerous years and contributed his skills to teams like ShVSM and Berkut. He showcased his talent on the international stage, representing Ukraine in the 2002 Olympic Games and various world championships.

Amidst the full-scale invasion, Bobrovnikov joined the ranks of the terriotorial defense, actively participating in volunteering efforts to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Since 2017, he has dedicated himself to coaching at Kryzhynka, where he imparts his vast experience to the next generation of hockey players while leading the youth team with passion and dedication.