Oleksandr Mukhanov

Birth date

Oleksandr Mukhanov epitomizes unwavering dedication to hockey. His journey commenced at the Sokil school, where he swiftly emerged as one of Ukraine’s premier defensemen. With his exceptional talent, Oleksandr graced the rosters of prestigious clubs not only in Ukraine but also abroad, showcasing his prowess in North America and Germany. He clinched gold and silver medals at the Ukrainian Championship, earning the esteemed title of Master of Sports of Ukraine.

Transitioning seamlessly from player to coach, Oleksandr embarked on a new chapter in his hockey career. Since September 2021, he has served as a coach at Kryzhynka, overseeing the development of aspiring players born in 2013. His wealth of experience and adeptness proves invaluable for young hockey enthusiasts aspiring to scale the heights of sporting excellence.