Oleksandr Sukhenko

Birth date

Oleksandr Sukhenko, a first-category coach-teacher at Kryzhynka, is revered as one of Ukraine’s finest hockey coaches. His illustrious journey began at the renowned Sokil school, where he showcased his talent for various Ukrainian teams, including Sokil, ShVSM, Kryzhynka, Atek, Berkut, Kompanion, HC Donbas, and HC Dniprovski Vovki. Sukhenko’s prowess also earned him opportunities to represent Ukraine on the international stage, notably in the Hungarian Championship.

Since 2009, Sukhenko has dedicated himself to coaching at Kryzhynka, where his unwavering dedication has yielded remarkable results. His students have consistently clinched top honors at the Ukrainian Championship and international tournaments. Particularly impressive was the gold medal victory of students born in 2007 at the 2019 All-Ukrainian competition. Under his guidance, the youth team “Kryzhynka-Capitals” secured consecutive gold awards in the Ukrainian junior championship, showcasing Oleksandr’s exceptional coaching skills.

With an indomitable spirit, unparalleled experience, and unwavering commitment to hockey, Oleksandr Sukhenko continues to inspire the next generation of hockey players and leaves an indelible mark on the development of Ukrainian hockey.