Yevhen Alipov’s team experienced their first two defeats of the season due to clashes with Vadym Radchenko’s team.

Match 1. Kyiv Capitals (Kyiv) – Panthers (Kharkiv) – 0:6 (0:1; 0:2; 0:3)
Pucks: 0:1 – Tsenova (Tkachuk), 16:43; 0:2 – Tsenova, 23:59; 0:3 – Lubenets (Tsenova), 33:12; 0:4 – Lubenets, 40:48; 0:5 – Les, 43:20; 0:6 – Varianytsia (Izmailova), 46:47

Match 2. Kyiv Capitals (Kyiv) – Panthers (Kharkiv) – 2:7 (1:0; 1:5; 0:2)
Pucks: 1:0 – Elizabeth Alipova (Holitsyna, Dobrovolska, power play), 13:48; 1:1 – Izmailova (Tkachuk), 23:03; 2:1 – Holitsyna, 23:57; 2:2 – Tkachuk (Malashchenko, Varianytsia), 24:37, 24:37; 2:3 – Tsenova (Les), 24:48; 2:4 – Izmailova (Les, power play), 27:09; 2:5 – Tsenova (Galas, Les), 31:44; 2:6 – Ievleva (Izmailova), 43:25; 2:7 – Izmailova (minority), 56:00

Kyiv Capitals: Iryna Zaichenko, Mariana Hamarnyk; Svitlana Kapralova – Valeriia Kopylova, Yuliia Dobrovolska – Elen Alipova (c) – Elizabeth Alipova; Valeriia Harbuza – Valeriia Ovchinnikova, Olesia Ibrahimova – Kateryna Andrushchenko – Anna Holitsyna; Melaniia Fedorenko – Anna Horbach
Head coach: Yevhen Alipov

Panthers: Maryna Lysenko; Polina Lubenets – Viktoriia Shymanska, Hanna Les (c) – Viktoriia Tsenova – Melissa Galas; Kateryna Malashchenko – Diana Ptashkina, Olena Tkachuk – Varvara Izmailova – Olga Ievleva; Elizaveta Ustynina – Darya Shvets, Kateryna Seredenko – Yana Varianytsia – Viktoriia Fesenko; Kateryna Kryvka
Head coach: Vadym Radchenko

Capitals entered the important meetings with notable setbacks. Nadiia Kosich sustained a serious injury during practice, and Anhelina Maifeld was unable to fully recover from her own injury. Consequently, Yevhen Alipov was left to rely on only two top fifth and two substitutes. On the contrary, the Kharkiv women’s team boasted a lineup with more than three fifth.

Ultimately, more experienced players bring victory for Kharkiv team. Panthers managed to score at least six goals against their opponents on two separate matches. Notably, the Kyiv squad haven`t scored a single goal in their first matchup of the season. The pivotal moment came with the fourth goal, which the visitors netted just 48 seconds into the third period. Buoyed by this success, Vadym Radchenko’s team confidently sealed the victory with a commanding 6:0 lead.

In the second match, there was a significant struggle as both teams battled fiercely. The home team initially took the lead in the first period with a goal by Elizabeth Alipova. However, the game turned in the second 20 minutes when within 105 seconds, the teams collectively netted four goals. Holitsyna responded swiftly to Izmailova’s goal, but it only took 11 seconds for the team from Kharkiv to seize their first lead of the match. Subsequently, Vadym Radchenko’s squad extended their advantage, ultimately winning with a score of 7:2.

Notable performances came from Viktoriia Tsenova, who scored four goals, and Varvara Izmailova, who completed a hat trick in the second match. Maryna Lysenko also deserve credit for her exceptional gameplay, playing the full 120 minutes and only conceding two goals to the opposing team.

The championship’s destiny will be determined in the upcoming two face-to-face matches between these teams scheduled for March 26-27th.