Yevhen Alipov’s team emerged victorious in their first match of the second round, defeating Kraken Sisters.

Kyiv Capitals (Kyiv) – Kraken Sisters (Odesa) – 17:1 (1:0; 11:0; 5:1) 

Pucks: 1:0 – Dobrovolska (Elizabeth Alipova, Kopylova), 07:15; 2:0 – Elen Alipova (Dobrovolska, Elizabeth Alipova), 20:56; 3:0 – Kosich (Ibrahimova), 21:21; 4:0 – Fedorenko (Holitsyna, Andrushchenko), 21:40; 5:0 – Maifeld (Holitsyna, minority), 24:35; 6:0 – Kosich (Kapralova), 29:26; 7:0 – Ibrahimova (Kosich, Harbuza), 33:20; 8:0 – Holitsyna (Kosich), 33:43; 9:0 – Elizabeth Alipova (Elen Alipova, Dobrovolska), 34:08; 10:0 – Elen Alipova (Elizabeth Alipova, Kopylova), 35:30; 11:0 – Kopylova, 38:25; 12:0 – Elen Alipova (Elizabeth Alipova, Dobrovolska), 39:59; 13:0 – Kosich, 41:41; 13:1 – Holubieva, 43:45; 14:1 – Harbuza (Fedorenko, Andrushchenko), 50:26; 15:1 – Elizabeth Alipova (Dobrovolska, Elen Alipova), 52:32; 16:1 – Kopylova (Kosich), 55:43; 17:1 – Elizabeth Alipova (Dobrovolska, Kopylova, majority), 56:20

Kyiv Capitals: Iryna Zayichenko (Mariana Gamarnyk, 40:00); Valeriia Harbuza – Angelina Maifeld, Yuliia Dobrovolska – Elen Alipova (c) – Elizabeth Alipova; Svitlana Kapralova – Valeriia Kopylova, Olesia Ibrahimova – Anna Holitsyna – Nadiia Kosich; Valeriia Ovchinnikova, Melaniia Fedorenko – Kateryna Andrushchenko – Anna Horbach
Head coach: Yevhen Alipov

Kraken Sisters: Anastasiia Donchu (Viktoriia Milova, 40:00); Olha Khrystorizenko – Mariia Lisova, Karina Usatenko – Alina Soldatova – Karyna Kalugina; Polina Lepska – Mariia Nesterova, Mariia Holubieva – Daryna Chernobrova – Daryna Shvedkova; Milena Toraman – Alina Romanova, Yevheniia Gavva – Kateryna Kuprevych – Daria Bobchynska; Oksana Kaptenko
Head coach: Oleksandr Bobkin

Right from the start, the players from Kyiv were relentless in their attacks, putting pressure on their opponents. Despite goalkeeper Donchu’s impressive saves, team from Odesa couldn’t hold off Capitals for long time. In the 7th minute, under the guidance of Yevhen Alipov, hosts managed to break the deadlock with a powerful long-range shot from Dobrovolska. However, even though Kyiv Capitals had several opportunities to extend their lead, they couldn’t convert them into goals before the end of the first period.

The hosts, on the other hand, came back after the break with a significant improvement in their performance. During 100 seconds, they scored three quick goals. First, Elen Alipova found the top corner of Donchu’s goal with an assist from Dobrovolska. Then, Kosich went on a solo run to score, and it was Melaniia Fedorenko, the youngest player on the team celebrating her 12th birthday, who completed this fantastic start for Capitals by finding the back of the net.

Not content with their lead, the Kyiv players continued to dominate the game. Midway through the period, they managed to add two more goals to their tally. While playing in a numerical disadvantage, Maifeld capitalized on her own close-range shot, and Kosich took advantage of Donchu’s uncertain actions to slot the puck into the empty corner of the goal, completing a double.

In the second period, team from Odesa faced a tough challenge as they struggled to defend against the relentless attacks of their opponents from Capitals. Elen Alipova proved to be a force to be reckoned with, scoring a double and an impressive hat-trick. Not to be outdone, Ibrahimova, Holitsyna, Elizabeth Alipova, and Kopylova also contributed goals, leading the Capitals to score a remarkable 11 times in just 20 minutes.

As the game entered the third period, both teams decided to make a change in their goalkeepers, bringing Hamarnyk and Milova onto the ice. However, it didn’t take long for the pucks to find their way into the nets of both teams. Kosich managed to score a hat trick for the Capitals, displaying great skill after winning a throw-in and executing a solo pass.

Nevertheless, Odesa team managed to break the Capitals’ dominance by opening the scoring with a goal by Holubieva, who capitalized on a throw made by Harbuza. It is worth noting that this goal was the first one conceded by the Capitals this season. Valeriia also made a significant contribution by assisting with a great pass following a successful throw-in by Andrushchenko and a pass from Fedorenko.

Till the end of the match, the home team dominated the game, scoring three more times. Elizabeth Alipova played a crucial role, contributing with a double and completing a hat trick. Kopylova also added another goal to the scoreboard. With these goals, Capitals extended their winning streak in the championship. The two teams are scheduled to face each other again tomorrow at 10:30.