Kyiv Capitals striker Vladyslav Kutsevych shared his expectations for the upcoming match with Kremenchuk, and also summed up the current results of the team’s performance in the championship of Ukraine.

Vladyslav, unfortunately, Kyiv Capitals had a rough start to the new year with consecutive defeats in important matches. What do you think the team lacked in order to repeat the last result against Sokil and win for the first time in Kremenchuk?

In order to enhance our performance and replicate our previous results against Sokil, there are several key areas that require our attention. Firstly, it is imperative that we address our execution on the ice. We have observed a persistent struggle to convert scoring opportunities into goals, and this issue has proven to be a significant setback for us. Consequently, it is vital for us to prioritize the improvement of our accuracy and finishing skills, as this will greatly contribute to achieving positive outcomes.

The fourth match against Sokil was again similar to the previous matches, where there were a lot of struggle and nerves, and the teams had a lot of penalties. Do you agree with that?

Absolutely! We are fierce contenders vying for the main positions. Moreover, it’s the highly anticipated Kyiv derby, so it’s only natural for the competition to be intense. Unfortunately, this time, our opponent managed to score one more goal than us. It’s disappointing, but that’s how the game unfolded.

On Thursday Kyiv Capitals will once again face Kremenchuk. Capitals haven`t already secured a victory on their opponent`s ice, but our team currently holds a flawless 100% victory rate at the Palace of Sports. What steps can the team take to maintain this impressive home winning streak?

We must strive to minimize our mistakes. In the upcoming match against Kremenchuk, we need to adopt a more responsible approach and score more goals. It`s crucial to perform better during power plays and avoid unnecessary penalties.

This week will be very hard for Kyiv Capitals. According to calendar our team should play three matches in four days against teams from the TOP-4. How difficult it will be to pass such test?

We will be able to overcome the difficult January calendar with dignity in case of high-quality preparation and recovery. It`s essential for us to showcase our skills on the ice and uniting as a team to achieve our goals.

Currently, Kyiv Capitals are the leaders of the tournament table in terms of points lost. Is the possibility of returning to the first place an additional motivation for new victories?

In every match, we focus only on victory, because we have a truly ambitious team. Everyone wants to be at the top of the standings. Of course, the opportunity to get there is an additional motivation to win.

Question about personal statistics. Currently, with an efficiency index of 27 points, you are among the top three in the team and in the TOP-7 of the championship. How can you describe this part of the season for yourself?

To me, the team’s achievements are the most important aspect, and personal statistics come secondary. Overall, I`m content with the portion of the season that has transpired so far. However, there were some matches where I believe I could have performed better.

Animated pictures are an opportunity to have better mood in these difficult times. Recently, Kyiv Capitals lineup was visualized as characters from Disney cartoons. Tell us who did you like the most in this role?

Honestly, I was completely unaware of the immense potential to create something like this and witness such remarkable outcomes. From my perspective, every participant truly excelled in portraying their respective characters flawlessly.

You were participant of Winter Classic event, the celebration of St. Nicholas Day which united representatives from both the men’s and women’s teams of Kyiv Capitals as well as athletes from Kryzhynka Youth Sports School. How important are such events nowadays?

Undoubtedly, such events play a significant role in bringing people together, particularly during war times. It is noteworthy that young hockey players are provided with the opportunity to receive training from professionals. At the same time, we, as participants, are delighted to contribute to this process. This collaboration brings mutual benefits to all involved, while also serving as an effective means of promoting our beloved sport, hockey, to a wider audience.

Additionally, it is important to express our gratitude to the Armed Forces, the air defense forces, and all those who tirelessly defend the borders of our state. Their dedicated efforts deserve our utmost appreciation. Glory to Ukraine!