Kyiv Capitals forward Vladyslav Luhovyі made a summary of the championship start for the team, summed up the games with the leading group teams and told about his thoughts before the game against Kremenchuk

Vladyslav, the team earned seven points in four games. In your opinion, how acceptable is this result?

Probably, seven points is less than we wanted to get after four matches. However, the season has only just begun and our team is working in the right direction. I am sure that from game to game we will get better and multiply the number of points we have earned.

Which of the games of the season would you define as the most difficult?

Frankly, it is difficult to make a choice. I missed the starting game against Dnipro due to an injury, had a long recovery, but got game practice against Trуzub. Despite two big wins, it wasn’t easy for anyone in those matches. Oleksandr Iakovenko’s team has many experienced hockey players. They are getting stronger and I think they will add more with every game. The Kharkiv Berserks are less experienced, but the boys have a great desire to win. Dnipro also shows its’ fighting character. We conceded to this team, which lost in game against team from Kherson and the current winner of the Cup of Ukraine – Kremenchuk. The match against Sokіl is a real derby of principle. We look forward to interesting games with this opponent in the future.

What can you say about a derby against Sokil? How difficult is it morally to move away from such defeats?

The derby against Sokil turned out to be as intense as possible. It was a real no-compromise game that I believe both fans and hockey players enjoyed. Unfortunately, we lost to our opponent in the shootout series. The head coach of our team said that in such series, those who are more skillful become stronger. That evening, this component of the game was better for Sokіl players. However, we had many chances to win during 60 minutes. I think that after such games, we should get stronger and prepare for another games.

However, the Capitals tied the two games against Sokil during the season. Would you say that the opponents are about the same level now?

Indeed, before the start of the championship, our face-to-face game ended in a draw, but with more goals scored – 4:4. I believe that we, Sokil, Kremenchuk and Dnipro, are approximately on the same level. In all games with the participation of these teams, there will always be intrigue with interesting outcomes. I am sure that Tryzub and Berserks will catch up with time. In these difficult times, we want fans to enjoy every game of the championship.

We have already mentioned the Kyiv derby more than once, but we can also pay attention to the Palace of Sports, where three teams host games. How can you explain the mising of support in main hall of Ukraine?

I would like to say thank you for the opportunity to play in the Palace of Sports. There are all the conditions for show good hockey. Of course, we would like to see full stands, because we are playing for the audience. However, now I would like, first of all, to thank the armed forces of our country. Huge respect to them that we are able to do what we love. I am sure that we will defeat our enemies, and the hockey matches will have a large audience.

Now the team got more than a week break. Do you think it was it will give some benefits or not?

I think so. We have sorted out our mistakes and now we are working hard and preparing for the next match.

Capitals will play their next match against HC Kremenchuk. How important is it to defeat the current winner of the Cup of Ukraine on home ice?

You always want to win at home. I can repeat that Kremenchuk is a high-level team, just like the already mentioned Sokil and Dnipro. Every match with such opponents is going to be interesting.

Will the match against HC Kremenchuk be especially important, because at one time you already played for the team from Poltava region?

Now I am a player of Kyiv Capitals. I don’t have any negative moments for my former teams. At one time, I also played for the Dnipro and lived in my native city Kherson. However, this is life. It does not stand still. Now I want to win with the current team.