January 22nd, 18:00, Kyiv, Palace of Sports. Broadcast: MEGOGO, YouTube FHU

Today, the teams of Vadym Shakhraichuk and Oleksandr Yakovenko will face each other for the fifth time this season in an exciting derby. In all previous encounters, Capitals emerged victorious, with our team impressively scoring 10 goals against their opponents in two of them.

The most recent match between these teams took place just a month ago, resulting in a fierce battle but ultimately ending in a dominant 10:2 victory for the Capitals. The third-ever match between these opponents proved to be the most captivating. It was only during the final moments of the third period that Mykola Dvornyk managed to score the winning goal, while Yaroslav Panchenko secured another goal in an empty net. Despite the intense competition, Capitals ultimately celebrated a hard-fought victory of 4:2.

It is worth mentioning that Oleksandr Yakovenko’s team has already managed to overturn the outcome of one derby this season. This remarkable feat occurred on December 24th when they triumphed over Sokil with a score of 4:2.

However, Tryzub recently faced a defeat in their last match against Oleh Shafarenko’s team, resulting in a disappointing 1:7 loss. On the other hand, Kyiv Capitals achieved an impressive victory over Berserks-Patriot with an identical score. Currently, Tryzub holds the fifth place in the tournament standings with 18 points. Along with their triumph over Sokil, the team has managed to defeat Berserks-Patriot five times.

Meanwhile, Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team secures the second position in the standings. Following Sokil’s victory over Kremenchuk in a shootout series, Capitals find themselves 10 points behind the current table leader. However, it’s worth mentioning that our team still has three matches in reserve. Notably, Kremenchuk, trailing Capitals by just one point, has played two additional matches.

As a result, the situation at the top of the table appears to be quite perplexing, and each triumph becomes crucial in solidifying their respective positions.