November 17th, 18:00, Kyiv, Palace of Sports. Broadcast: MEGOGO, YouTube FHU

Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team, the Kyiv Capitals, will kick off the third round with a Kyiv derby. The Capitals have already faced their opponents from Tryzub twice this season and defeated them in both matches, with scores of 10:0 and 8:1. The standout performer in these matches was Yaroslav Panchenko, the forward of the Capitals, who scored an impressive five goals. During the break, the Kyiv Capitals continued their training on the ice of the Kyiv sports palace as per their regular schedule. However, two players, Panchenko and Kutsevych, returned with fresh emotions from their participation in the international arena. It is worth mentioning that during the Tamas Sarkozy Memorial matches, Yaroslav Panchenko contributed with an assist, while Vladyslav Kutsevich scored the goal.

However, the championship offers a completely different experience, and it is evident that hockey players and fans have been longing for the excitement of domestic matches. Colin Whitt, the American defenseman of the Capitals, undoubtedly has an added motivation to return to the ice (by the way, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading his recent interview). As a rookie on our team, he has only had the chance to play in one match prior to the break. Therefore, the upcoming matches present a fantastic opportunity for him to showcase his exceptional skills and abilities.

The tournament situation also serves as motivation for the nominal guests to quickly switch on after the break. Presently, the distance between the leader of the championship – Sokil, and Kyiv Capitals is seven points. Therefore, they must gradually catch up to their opponents. It is worth mentioning that Oleg Shafarenko’s team has already played their 10th round match, securing a minimal victory against Kremenchuk in an away game. On the other hand, the match between Dnipro and Kharkiv Berserks has been postponed, resulting in our game being the final match of the tour.

Considering the previous face-to-face meetings, Kyiv Capitals is the favored team for this match. Nevertheless, both teams from the capital will try to earn points in tomorrow’s ice battle against each other.