Today marked the first ice hockey festival, named Winter Classic, held at the Kyiv Sports Palace. Participants included students and coaches from the Kryzhynka School, alongside players from the men’s team of Kyiv Capitals.

Coinciding with St. Nicholas’ Day, the event was a special celebration within the extensive Kyiv Capitals family. The main ice arena of the country – Kyiv Sports Palace welcomed students from Kryzhynka School, born between the years 2013-2018, who were excited to engage in a hockey masterclass conducted by our club’s experienced ice hockey players.

The festival’s program featured a variety of disciplines, such as thrilling 3×3 games, engaging relays, and exciting shootouts. At the conclusion of the festival, our young hockey players were generously presented with festive gifts and provided with the opportunity to capture memorable moments at a special photo zone.

Following the intense competition on the ice, everyone had the chance to warm up with delectable cocoa and biscuits. Moreover, the young athletes, accompanied by their parents, were thrilled to engage in conversations with the esteemed hockey players of the Kyiv Capitals team and even receive their cherished autographs.

Tymur Lapko, player of HC Kyiv Capitals: «I really enjoyed being a part of this event. I must admit that such festivals were rare during my own childhood. Therefore, I made an effort to contribute and help the younger generation experience the festive atmosphere. In these challenging times, it’s important for children to have distractions from the harsh realities of war. Regarding the joint training, I must say that the young generation performed exceptionally well. The future of our club rests with them».

Ihor Arkhуpenko, director of Kryzhynka School: «This kind of event is quite popular worldwide. As the men’s team had a break, it was the perfect opportunity to organize a hockey festival coinciding with the celebration of St. Nicholas Day. Joint training sessions involving professionals and children serve as great motivation for young aspiring hockey players. They can witness firsthand where hard work can lead them. The smiles on the faces of both the students and their parents after these workshops are truly heartwarming. It’s been a while since professionals and children came together on the ice for such a holiday. The children received gifts as well, and their joy was boundless».

While winners may emerge in every relay, the true winners of the day were all the participants who spent this Saturday in a festive and enjoyable atmosphere. We eagerly anticipate the next festive events to come.

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