We regret to inform you that the leadership of the Hockey Federation of Ukraine continues its attempts to discredit our head coach, Vadym Shakhraichuk, within the hockey community.

On May 31, the LB.ua portal published an interview with the head of the Hockey Federation of Ukraine, claiming that “by agreement of the parties, we parted on a normal note.” In reality, custom disciplinary proceedings have been reopened against Vadym Shakhraichuk by the Disciplinary Committee of the FHU. This is clearly an attempt to pressure both the Kyiv Capitals club and our head coach. Furthermore, the conditions for the termination of Coach Shakhraichuk’s contract by the FHU have not been properly met.

The Federation is once again reviving the previously debunked claim regarding Coach Shakhraichuk’s alleged Russian citizenship. We reaffirm that Vadym Shakhraichuk is a citizen of Ukraine and has no connection to Russian citizenship. The Federation appears more interested in exerting influence over our coach and club than in ascertaining the true facts of his citizenship status.

To end this baseless story, we officially state that Vadym Valeriyovych Shakhraichuk holds no passports other than that of a Ukrainian citizen. His professional activities and public statements have consistently supported Ukraine and condemned Russia’s aggression and crimes. We also hope the conditions for the termination of his contract by the FHU will be fulfilled promptly.

The Kyiv Capitals will continue to defend our civic position, the interests of our club, and all our employees at all levels.


Kyiv Capitals Hockey Club