March 1st, 18:00, Kyiv Sports Palace. Broadcast: MEGOGO, YouTube FHU

With the new season start, we are now entering the semi-final stage of the playoffs. From the regular championship results, we can expect an exciting Kyiv derby in one of the series. Oleg Shafarenko’s team finished in first place, while Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team secured fourth place.

In a recent face-off last Sunday, Sokil triumphed over their rivals with a narrow 3:2 victory. Although this result did not impact the final standings, it was crucial for both teams to avoid injuries and disciplinary issues. It is worth noting that Sokil secured their fifth win against the Capitals during the regular season.

It’s worth noting that out of the six meetings between these teams, four ended in regular time, with only one resulting in a difference of more than one goal. Specifically, the match that occurred on January 25th saw Oleh Shafarenko’s team secure a 4:2 victory. The upcoming playoff series between these opponents is expected to be equally intense, highlighting the crucial roles of psychology, physical preparedness, and minimizing injuries for both sides.

One notable advantage of this semifinal pairing is the absence of away matches, as each team will host their respective games without the need to adapt to the specifics of arenas in Odesa or Kremenchuk.

Additionally, the matchup between Kremenchuk and Dnipro is slated to begin a day later. It’s worth mentioning that both teams concluded the regular season with an equal number of points, with the representatives of Poltava region securing a higher position based on additional performance metrics.