Match 1. February 10th, 19:00, Dnipro, Ice Arena. Broadcast: YouTube Hockey LIVE
Match 2. February 11th, 08:00, Dnipro, Ice Arena. Broadcast: YouTube Hockey LIVE

After a well-deserved break, Yevhen Alipov’s team is ready to step back onto the rink. This time, the girls will be playing away, facing off against Oleksandr Lalomov’s team.

These two teams have already competed against each other twice in the championship. It is worth mentioning that the season began with a head-to-head clash between them. Back then, in the Palace of Sports, the Kyiv team players displayed extraordinary dominance and defeated their opponents with impressive scores of 15:0 and 25:0. Capitals’ most recent matches took place in Odesa on January 13-14th, where they secured victory against Kraken Sisters with scores of 15:2 and 14:0.

During the break between matches for Capitals, their main rivals in the championship, Panthers, emerged victorious over Kraken Sisters and Prydniprovsk, thereby claiming the top spot in the standings.

It is worth mentioning that the Kharkiv team managed to score an impressive 40 goals against the Dnipro hockey players across two matches. However, it was Ilona Torubara who scored the first goal of the season for Oleksandr Lalomov’s team in these encounters.

With this in mind, the Kyiv team will be aiming to secure two more victories in order to boost their good mood ahead of the forthcoming matches against Panthers. On the other hand, the Dnipro team will be eager to showcase their strengths and put up a strong performance in these matches.