Match 1. March 23rd, 19:00, Kyiv Sports Palace. Broadcast: YouTube FHU
Match 2. March 24th, 11:30, Kyiv Sports Palace. Broadcast: YouTube FHU

First of all, at the beginning of the announcement, we would like to congratulate the women’s national team of Ukraine on their victory in the 3A division of the World Championship and promotion in class! The team’s success wouldn’t have been possible without the talented hockey players from both teams. Viktoriia Tkachenko, Viktoriia Tsenova, Hanna Les, and Varvara Izmailova represented Panthers, while Yuliia Dobrovolska, Elen and Elizabeth Alipova, along with Yevhen Alipov, coached the national team of Ukraine and Kyiv Capitals.

As our team approaches the final round with a six-point gap from their rivals, they are determined to secure victory. Despite facing two defeats in matches a month ago, Vadym Radchenko’s team demonstrated their strength with impressive scores of 6:0 and 7:2. To claim the gold medals in future matches, Capitals will need not only to win but to do so convincingly.

In positive news for the Kyiv team, young striker Nadiia Kosich, who missed the previous match against Panthers, is on track to return from injury.

This weekend promises an intense battle in the crucial matches of the current season. Stay tuned for the thrilling hockey action!