The club has solidified agreements with two renowned Ukrainian forwards.

The club has solidified agreements with two renowned Ukrainian forwards, welcoming 27-year-old Kyrylo Bondarenko and 29-year-old Vladyslav Kutsevich as the latest additions to the Kyiv Capitals family.

In the recent 2022/23 season, Bondarenko showcased his exceptional talents by donning the colors of another Kyiv-based team, HC “Kyiv.” His remarkable performance earned him the esteemed title of the team’s foremost player, where he accumulated an impressive 26 points (16 goals + 10 assists) across 23 games.

Noteworthy is Bondarenko’s extensive engagement in the Ukrainian championships over the past seven seasons. A stalwart presence on the ice, he alternated among the ranks of Generals, Bilyi Bars, Dnipro, Donbas, Kremenchuk, Mariupol, Kharkiv Berserky, and Kyiv. Among his standout achievements, the 2018/19 season shines brightly, as Bondarenko’s pivotal contribution of 51 points bolstered “Dnipro” from Kherson, culminating in the club’s historic and solitary silver medal.

Turning our attention to Vladyslav Kutsevich, the past season unveiled his dynamic versatility. He initiated his campaign as part of HC “Kyiv,” boasting 15 games, 2 goals, and 10 assists. As the season progressed, Kutsevich embarked on a new chapter with “Sokil,” amassing 12 games, 2 goals, and 7 assists. Impressively, his skills shone even brighter in the playoffs, where he clinched 8 games, tallying 3 goals and 1 assist, resulting in his second championship victory in the Ukrainian championship.

A defining moment arrived in April when Kutsevich earned a prestigious spot on the national team of Ukraine at the World Cup Division IB. Displaying his remarkable playmaking abilities on the international stage, Vladyslav distinguished himself with a productive assist during the five games at the Tallinn forum, playing a vital role in securing the team’s commendable second-place finish.