February 25th, 18:00, Kyiv Sports Palace. Broadcast: MEGOGO, YouTube FHU

In this upcoming match, the contrasting elements of first and last will be eloquently showcased. This game marks the culmination of the regular season for Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team, as they gear up for the playoffs set to commence next week. Notably, Capitals will have the unique opportunity to compete at the Palace of Sports in front of a live audience, a scenario that has been absent throughout the current season.

As this game draws to a close, it signifies the conclusion of the entire regular season calendar. Looking back at the previous five encounters, Sokil emerged victorious twice in regular time, secured two more wins in shootouts, while Capitals clinched one triumph. In terms of standings, the result of this impending match holds no significant bearing, as the rankings have already been solidified: Sokil has claimed the top spot, followed by Kremenchuk in second place, Dnipro in third, and Capitals settling in fourth position.

However, it would be an understatement to say that the match between the two Kyiv teams at the Palace of Sports will be friendly towards the spectators. Oleg Shafarenko’s team will aim to prove their leading position as they head into the playoffs. On the other hand, Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team has the chance to show that their ambitions reach beyond fourth place in the regular championship standings.

Winning this match is crucial from a psychological standpoint as they gear up for the playoff semi-finals. Both coaches will have plenty of data to analyze in preparation for the upcoming crucial matches.

We warmly invite Kyiv hockey fans, who have been eagerly anticipating this derby, to witness an intense and thrilling showdown!