Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team lost in game against current vice-champions of Ukraine in the longest match of the season.

Kremenchuk – Kyiv Capitals (Kyiv) – 5:2 (0:0; 3:1; 2:1)

Goals: 1:0 – Kryvenko (Gevorkian, Savytskyi), 21:55; 2:0 – Lialka (Matviienko), 25:32; 2:1 – Panchenko (Kutsevych, Chernenko), 28:04; 3:1 – Matusevych (Kryvoshapkin, Varava, majority), 31:52; 4:1 – Lialka (Serednytskyi, minority), 48:59; 5:1 – Krivoshapkin, 50:06, 5:2 – Dvornyk (Chernenko, Kutsevych, double majority), 55:31

Kremenchuk: Kyrylo Kucher; Denys Matusevych – Philip Matvienko, Vitaly Lialka (c) – Artem Tselohorodtsev; Hlib Kryvoshapkin – Nikita Krugliakov, Dmytro Ignatenko – Vladyslav Braha – Bohdan Serednytskyi; Hlib Varava – Danylo Babchuk, Daniyil Kryvenko – Tymofii Savytskyi – Mykhailo Gevorkian; Maksym Maksymenko – Bohdan Pankov, Vyacheslav Andrushchenko – Illia Fedorov – Borys Andriushchenko
Head coach: Dmytro Sumets

Kyiv Capitals: Borys Babik; Kostyantyn Ryabenko – Deniss Berdniks, Vladyslav Kutsevych – Serhii Chernenko (c) – Yaroslav Panchenko; Valentyn Sirchenko – Pavlo Taran, Andrii Kryvonozhkin – Yevhen Sekirko – Mykyta Oliynyk; Colin Whitt – Eetu Moksunen, Mykola Dvornyk – Danylo Tyshchenko – Vladyslav Luhovyi; Denys Khonin, Tymur Lapko – Denys Plesovskikh – Oleksandr Koida
Head coach: Vadym Shakhraichuk

The conditions in which this match was held can really be called as extreme. The game was supposed to start at 14:00. Eventually, the teams took the ice at 15:30 and played two periods. After that, we had to wait another two hours, and then the final twenty-minute session began. It should be noted that this match was the debut for Colin Witt as part of the Capitals. The American legionnaire will remember such match for a long time. Of course, we need to say «thank you» for that our neighbors from the north.

As for the game, after a «dry» first period, the spectators managed to see pucks dropped in the next two periods. In the 22nd minute, the hosts managed to open the score. Gevorkian made a great pass to Kryvenko, and Daniyil sent the puck to Babik`s possession.

Not even four minutes had passed when the team from Poltava region doubled its` advantage. After Matviienko’s throw, Lialka was the first who sent the puck into the possession of Kyiv team.

Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team managed to get one goal, thanks to the forwards who were recently called up to the national team. Kutsevychmade an assist, and Panchenko was faster than Tselohorodtsev and Matviienko and scored his 13th goal of the season. Also we have to admit Vladyslav’s 11th assist.

However, before the break, the team of Dmytro Sumets regained a two-goal lead. A powerful kick was made by Matusevych, who did not leave Babik a chance, realizing the majority.

As we noted before, there was a pause, after which the hockey players returned to the ice to finish this match. The hosts were better prepared for such conditions. Firstly, Serednytskyi took advantage of the careless actions of the Capitals hockey players in defense and gave a pass to Lialka, who made a double while his team was in the minority. The fifth puck was scored by Krivoshapkin after one more shot from long distance.The Capitals did not give up and scored on more time after realizing a double majority. Dvornyk managed to upset Kucher for the second time after Chernenko’s pass.

However, the Kremenchuk team could increase the handicap at the end of the meeting. After a foul by Sirchenko, Krivoshapkin had a chance to score after penalty shot, but Babik made a save. As a result, the hosts managed to take revenge for the defeat in Kyiv.

In this way, Kremenchuk got 16 points and got closer to team from Kyiv. Capitals are third now with 17 points. It should be noted that Vadym Shakhraichuck`s team will play their next match on November 17th, and their opponent will be Tryzub.