September 14, 14:00, Kremenchuk, «Iceberg». Broadcast: YouTube FHU, TV channels «Sport 1», «Sport 3»

The Capitals delegation arrived in Kremenchuk yesterday, where Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team will play its first match today. What to expect from him – we will tell you in our preview.

For both opponents, this season in the Cup of Ukraine is the debut in the history of the teams. However, if the Kharkiv club was founded in 2020 and before that played only in the championship, then for «Kyiv Capitals», the match against the «Berserkers» will be the first official match in history.

It should be noted that in the 2023/2024 season, our opponents enter with a new coach Pavlo Legachev. As for losses, we can note the absence of Danylo Kashevko from the «Berserkers», who did not come to Poltava Oblast due to injuries.

As part of the first gameday, «Kharkiv Berserks» have already played their match of group B, in which they lost to another participant – «Kremenchuk» with a score of 3:12. It should be noted that Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team will play against the hosts of the tournament on Friday.

By the way, the coach of the «Capitals» in an interview noted that the rival team is «hungry» for victories and will try to demonstrate all their skills. In turn, «Capitals» played matches only with semi-professionals as part of the training camp, so the responsibility of the first official match will certainly be present. So, we are getting ready to watch an interesting match that will go down in the history of «Kyiv Capital».

In addition, we should note that our hockey players passed their trainings without injuries. Accordingly, the team went to Kremenchuk in the maximum combat formation.

As for group A, within the framework of the first game day, the current champion and two-time winner of the Cup of Ukraine – «Sokil» from Kyiv managed to overcome «Dnipro» from Kherson in a shootout series. «Tryzub» will join the fight in this group today, which is waiting for a derby against «Sokil».