Yevhen Alipov’s team skillfully netted 25 goals, maintaining their dominance throughout the game.

Kyiv Capitals (Kyiv) – Prydniprovsk (Dnipro) – 25:0 (6:0; 13:0; 6:0) 

Pucks: 1:0 – Elizabeth Alipova, 00:32; 2:0 – Kosich (Dobrovolska, Maifeld), 01:46; 3:0 – Elizabeth Alipova (Golitsyna, Maifeld, majority), 07:30; 4:0 – Kopylova, 07:41; 5:0 – Maifeld (Elen Alipova, Kosich), 16:01; 6:0 – Maifeld (majority), 19:54; 7:0 – Maifeld (Elen Alipova), 20:36; 8:0 – Maifeld, 21:31; 9:0 – Elen Alipova, 22:29; 10:0 – Golitsyna (Pumpkin), 23:57; 11:0 – Elen Alipova, 25:56; 12:0 – Dobrovolska, 26:55; 13:0 – Elizabeth Alipova (Golitsyna), 27:34; 14:0 – Ibrahimova (Dobrovolska, Kosich), 28:32; 15:0 – Kapralova, 30:01; 16:0 – Golitsyna, 30:28; 17:0 – Kapralova (Kopylova, Elen Alipova), 33:06; 18:0 – Kosich (Dobrovolska), 33:42; 19:0 – Golitsyna, 36:00; 20:0 – Elen Alipova (Kosich), 41:00; 21:0 – Elizabeth Alipova (Holitsyna), 47:20; 22:0 – Elen Alipova, 50:30; 23:0 – Elizabeth Alipova (Elen Alipova, Kopylova, majority), 51:45; 24:0 – Golitsyna (Elizabeth Alipova, Elen Alipova), 55:28; 25:0 – Kosich, 57:58

Kyiv Capitals: Iryna Zayichenko (Mariana Gamarnyk, 40:00); Svitlana Kapralova – Valeriia Kopylova, Anna Golitsyna – Elen Alipova (c) – Elizabeth Alipova; Valeriia Harbuza – Angelina Maifeld, Olesia Ibrahimova – Yuliia Dobrovolska – Nadiia Kosich; Melaniia Fedorenko – Kateryna Andrushchenko – Anna Horbach
Head coach: Yevhen Alipov

Prydniprovsk: Daria Moldovan; Tetiana Sytnyk – Yaroslava Zozulia, Yuliia Rozhenko – Yanislava Krotenko – Oksana Vovkodav; Olga Antonova – Anastasiia Lebedenko, Yuliia Wolfson – Veronika Tymchenko – Daryna Kravtsova; Polina Prykhodko, Milana Selentiy – Polina Kontsevych – Natalya Lysenko
Head coach: Oleksandr Lalomov

After yesterday’s victory, the hockey players of Capitals took to the ice with high spirits and the determination to maintain their top position in the starting round. Led by Yevhen Alipov, the team from Kyiv showcased their exceptional skills right from the opening minute of the game. Elizabeth Alipova, who scored an impressive seven goals in the previous match, once again made a significant impact. However, on this occasion, the Kyiv players displayed better teamwork and sent more pucks towards their opponents.

The first period saw Elizabeth scoring twice, with Maifeld also contributing a double, also Kosich and Kopilova managing to find the back of the net. The real nightmare for the Dnipro team came in the second period, where they conceded a whopping 13 goals. Despite the overwhelming lead, the Kyiv team did not lose momentum and further increased their advantage in the final period.

Elizabeth Alipova emerged as the leading goal scorer in the two matches, tallying an impressive total of 12 goals, with five of them coming from the Sunday match. Additionally, three players of the Kyiv Capitals achieved a hat trick in the current game: Elen Alipova, Maifeld, and Golitsyna. Kosich completed a hat trick as well, while Kapralova scored two goals. Kopylova, Dobrovolska, and Ibrahimova also contributed a goal each.

With a dominant scoreline of 40:0, Yevhen Alipov’s team comfortably secured the top position in the standings. The only thing separating them from the Kharkiv Panthers is the goal difference, as the Panthers defeated the Kraken Sisters with a score of 8:1 in their second match.

It is worth noting that Kyiv Сapitals will play their next matches on December 23rd and 24th as part of the championship. They will be competing against the team from Odesa.