February 3rd, 18:00, Kyiv, Sports Palace. Broadcast: MEGOGO, YouTube FHU

After the rescheduled face-to-face match held in Odesa on Wednesday, the teams are set to meet for the fifth time in the championship at the Kyiv Sports Palace.

The overall statistics of their previous encounters favor Oleksandr Bobkin’s team, having secured three victories, while Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team has triumphed once.

It is important to highlight that the last match showcased a dynamic play, with the initiative constantly shifting between the two teams. All three periods ended in a draw, but the Kherson team exhibited perseverance during overtime, ultimately securing the win.

This victory marked the sixth consecutive win for Dnipro, propelling them to the third place in the standings. Conversely, Capitals have experienced defeat in their last three games. Additionally, it is worth acknowledging the demanding schedule that Kyiv team had to face, including matches against Sokil and away games in Kremenchuk and Odesa.

The upcoming home match against Dnipro poses a formidable challenge for the team. However, playing on their rink gives Capitals a significant advantage. In addition, their recent performances should serve as further motivation to finish the final five games of the regular season on a high note and secure the highest possible ranking in the standings.

Meanwhile, the Pikes is determined to continue their strong run and fiercely compete against more experienced opponents` squads. In such a tense situation in the standings, each point holds immense value and could make a significant difference.

It is worth noting that in the other matches of the 27th round, Berserks-Patriot will be hosting Sokil, while Tryzub will play away match against Kremenchuk.