Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team proved to be stronger than Oleksandr Yakovenko’s team in the derby of Kyiv for the sixth time.

Kyiv Capitals (Kyiv) – Tryzub (Kyiv) – 5:3 (2:0; 1:2; 2:1)
Pucks: 1:0 – Plesovskykh (Sirchenko), 02:13; 2:0 – Berdniks (Sekirko, power play), 03:44; 2:1 – Vit. Havryliuk (Frolenko), 21:51; 2:2 – Tymchenko (Vasyliev), 22:57; 3:2 – Luhovyi (Oliynyk, power play), 29:05; 4:2 – Kryvonozhkin (Berdniks), 44:30; 4:3 – Rosliakov (Frolenko), 58:07; 5:3 – Dvornyk (Kryvonozhkin, Oliynyk), 58:30

Kyiv Capitals: Boris Babik; Tymur Lapko – Deniss Berdniks, Andrii Kryvonozhkin – Mykola Dvornyk – Mykyta Oliynyk; Eetu Moksunen – Kostiantyn Riabenko, Danylo Tyshchenko – Yevhen Sekirko (c) – Vladyslav Luhovyi; Valentyn Sirchenko – Danylo Babchuk, Oleksandr Koida – Oleksandr Valkun – Yehor Bezuhlyi; Roman Diachenko, Oleksandr Dreval – Denys Plesovskykh – Artem Arkhypenko
Head coach:
Vadym Shakhraichuk

Tryzub: Vladyslav Viazovov; Bohdan Hrytsiuk – Roman Lavryk, Yevhenii Tymchenko – Anton Rosliakov – Yevhenii Zyk; Roman Shcherbatiuk – Volodymyr Havryliuk, Vitalii Havryliuk – Yaroslav Nazaraga – Kyrylo Frolenko; Artem Neverov – Oleksandr Buniak, Ihor Liuliuk – Mykhailo Vasyliev – Yakiv Seredovych; Yaroslav Kozyr
Head coach:
Oleksandr Yakovenko

As mentioned in the meeting preview, Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team experienced certain lineup changes for today’s match. Due to various reasons, Kutsevych, Chernenko, and Panchenko were unable to play, along with defender Taran and goalkeeper Boiko. Instead, two players from our youth team, Roman Diachenko and Artem Arkhypenko, were given the opportunity to be a part of Capitals lineup.

Despite these adjustments, the home team started the game energetically. Sirchenko took a shot at Plesovskykh, and Denys skillfully scored the opening goal, marking his debut goal at the professional level.

Within just ninety seconds, Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team increased their lead. Berdniks, in his characteristic style, delivered a powerful long-range shot, successfully converting the team’s power play opportunity.

In the second period, the dynamics of the game shifted in the opposite direction. Oleksandr Yakovenko’s team swiftly scored two goals. The first goal came as Vitalii Havryliuk skillfully converted Frolenko’s cross, leaving Babik completely bewildered. Shortly after, Tymchenko demonstrated his exceptional skills by executing a seamless one-on-one play, leaving no chance for the Slovakian goalkeeper to make a save.

However, nearing the midpoint of the period, Capitals regained their lead by capitalizing on the power play for the second time. A well-executed combination play involving a pass from Oliynyk led to Luhovyi successfully finishing and scoring the goal. It’s worth mentioning that this assist marked Mykyta’s 30th assist of the season.

In the third period, Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team extended their advantage by scoring another goal. Berdniks skillfully maneuvered past the opponent’s defenders and provided an assist to Kryvonozhkin, who confidently put the puck into the net. With this goal, Andrii registered his 23rd goal of the championship.

With six minutes remaining in the game, Tryzub had an opportunity to play with a two-player advantage after Moksunen and Plesovskykh were expelled for two minutes. However, the hosts displayed resilience and managed to persevere, preventing any goals from being scored during the double power play.

At the conclusion of the meeting, excitement was reignited. With just 1 minute and 53 seconds remaining, Rosliakov skillfully received Frolenko’s pass and narrowed the gap to a minimum. However, Capitals swiftly regained their two-goal advantage after Dvornyk’s successful shot. Consequently, Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team triumphed over Tryzub for the sixth time this season, with a two-goal difference for the second instance.

It is worth noting that Capitals’ upcoming match is scheduled for February 14th against Berserks-Patriot, while Tryzub will face Sokil on February 22nd.