Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team minimally defeated their opponents, regaining the current first place in the standings.

«Kyiv Capitals Kremenchuk – 2:1 (1:0; 0:0; 1:1)

Pucks: 1:0 – Tyshchenko, 5:22; 2:0 – Panchenko (Sekirko, Luhovyi), 47:29; 2:1 – Andriushchenko (Matviienko, Serednytskyi), 52:26

Kyiv Capitals: Boris Babik; Kostyantyn Ryabenko – Deniss Berdniks, Vladyslav Kutsevych – Serhii Chernenko (c) – Yaroslav Panchenko; Valentyn Sirchenko – Pavlo Taran, Andrii Kryvonozhkin – Mykola Dvornyk – Mykyta Oliynyk; Tymur Lapko – Eetu Moksunen, Yevhen Sekirko – Danylo Tyshchenko – Vladyslav Luhovyi; Denys Khonin, Anton Sychynskyi – Denys Plesovskykh – Oleksandr Koida – Oleksandr Valkun
Head coach:
Vadym Shakhraichuk

Kremenchuk: Kyrylo Kucher; Denys Matusevych – Philip Matviienko, Vitalii Lyalka (c) – Artem Tselohorodtsev – Hlib Krivoshapkin; Bohdan Pankov, Sviatoslav Tymchenko – Borys Andriushchenko – Bohdan Serednytskyi; Danylo Babchuk, Maksym Maksymenko – Tymofii Savytskyi – Mykhailo Gevorkian – Daniil Kryvenko; Nikita Krugliakov, Tymofii Materykin – Illia Fedorov – Vladyslav Braga – Dmytro Poperezhai
Head coach:
Dmytro Sumets

The match began with the hosts displaying a more active approach. They capitalized on a series of attacks and scored a goal in the sixth minute. Tyshchenko took a shot at the puck, which deflected off Babchuk and eventually landed in Kucher’s possession.

As the game progressed, the balance tilted slightly towards the hosts, who maintained their dominant position. However, Dmytro Sumets’ team also had their fair share of opportunities through quick counterattacks.

The most intense assault on Kucher’s goal occurred in the closing 17 seconds of the period. The Kyiv team earned a power play, but despite having the numerical advantage, they were unable to convert it into a goal. This pattern resembled the beginning of the second period, where both teams struggled to find the back of the net.

Nevertheless, it should be acknowledged that there were numerous goal-scoring opportunities for both teams throughout the match. Babik and Kucher should be commended for their tremendous efforts in keeping the scoreline unchanged. As a result, the outcome of this crucial encounter for securing the first-place position was deferred until the final period.

In the 48th minute of the game, the Capitals were able to ease the tension a bit. It was a relief for Kyiv fans as the Capitals managed to score. As usual, Panchenko’s puck was not left behind as Sekirko made a superb interception and passed it to Yaroslav, who scored the second goal of the game from close range, leaving Kucher surprised. This goal marked the forward’s 18th puck of the season.

However, the guests were quick to narrow the gap, ending Babik’s dry streak in Kyiv matches against Kremenchuk that had lasted for over 112 minutes. Matviienko took a shot from a distance, and Andriushchenko skillfully deflected the puck into the Capitals goal with a well-placed stick.

During the last minute and a half of the game, the guests had an artificial power play advantage by removing their goalkeeper. The game continued in a 6×4 format for the final 40 seconds after Kutsevych was sent off. However, Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team persevered, with special commendation to Babik for making an excellent save in the last seconds after Matviienko’s shot. This remarkable save added another highlight to Boris’ performance throughout the match.

The Capitals, continuing the trend of home victories in matches against Kremenchuk in a fiercely fought match, marking the most combative encounter in the history of these teams. This victorious outcome propelled Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team back to the top spot, accumulating a total of 32 points. On the other hand, Kremenchuk, securing 28 points, currently hold the third position in the standings.