March 24th, 15:00, Kyiv, Ice Arena Chalette. Broadcast: YouTube FHU

There are two teams competing for the main trophy in the Junior Hockey League, and it appears that the gold medals are likely to be claimed by the Kyiv team.

Ihor Arkhypenko’s team will kick off the series on their home ice, having finished second in the regular season. On the other hand, Serhii Zharskyi’s team secured the fourth spot.

In the previous announcement, we detailed the progress of the semi-final matches, reiterating that Kryzhynka-Capitals triumphed over Bilyi Bars and Sokil eliminated the regular season champions, Bohuslav Shershni.

The championship matches between these opponents have been incredibly intense, resulting in a balanced rivalry with each team securing two victories. Noteworthy is Sokil’s triumph with a score of 2:1, along with their victory in a series of shootouts. On the other hand, Kryzhynka-Capitals emerged victorious with a score of 3:2, marking their sole win with a goal difference of two – 3:1.

Leading the goal-scoring charts in these face-to-face encounters is Matvii Burdakov from Sokil with two goals, closely followed by forward of Kryzhynka-Capitals Oleksandr Valkun, who has netted three times.

The final series of the JHL promises to be action-packed, as it is playing till two wins. Fans can look forward to thrilling and fiercely competitive matches in the upcoming Kyiv derby at the youth level!