During the offseason, we will reminisce about the victorious season of our youth team in Junior Hockey League. We have compiled the most intriguing highlights from it in this material.

Final Position

Ihor Arkhypenko’s team went through several stages on their path to winning their second consecutive championship. They initially finished second in the regular season, losing to Shershni. However, they bounced back in the playoffs, defeating Bilyi Bars in the semi-finals before ultimately triumphing over Sokil.

The best Defense

Kryzhynka-Capitals allowed the fewest goals during the season. In 20 matches, opponents scored on Ihor Arkhypenko’s team only 38 times. An additional five goals were conceded in the playoff series during five games.

The beginning

Ihor Arkhypenko’s team faced Sokil in the championship’s opening match, enduring a narrow 1:2 loss. Despite this setback, Kryzhynka-Capitals swiftly bounced back, securing a remarkable 7:3 victory against Shershni just five days later.

Always on the Rink

Nazar Katrusha, Ihor Fedorenko, Yaroslav Filippov, and Ostap Ostashevskyi stood out in the 23 matches they played, including the regular championship and playoffs.

The Champions and their Awardees

In the championship, two exceptional hockey players stood out, earning three prestigious awards. Apart from securing the championship title, our team also clinched individual accolades. Nazar Boyko was crowned as the best goalkeeper and the MVP of the championship, while Tymur Lapko was hailed as the best defender.

The best Snipers

Oleksandr Dreval led the team as the top scorer in the regular season with ten goals (and one in play-off). However, in the playoff series, Anatolii Revuka shined by finding the back of the net four times against their opponents.

The best Assistants

Oleksandr Valkun emerged as the top performer in this category, registering 13 assists during the regular season and chipping in with an additional assist in play-off matches. It is worth mentioning about Denys Plesovskykh, who limited Valkun to just one assist.

Goal + Pass

Oleksandr Valkun has surged ahead as the leading point scorer with 25 points (11 goals + 14 assists). Following closely are Denys Plesovskykh with 19 points (6 goals + 13 assists), Oleksandr Dreval with 15 points (11 goals + 4 assists), and the standout player of the playoffs, Anatolii Revuka, contributing 7 points (4 goals + 3 assists).