Ihor Arkhypenko’s team emerged victorious in the series against Serhii Zharskyi’s team in their second encounter.

Sokil yiv) Kryzhynka-Capitals yiv) – 1:4 (0:1; 1:1; 0:2)
0:1 – Shcherbak (Plesovskykh, Ostashevskyi, power play), 11:16; 0:2 – Revuka (Filippov, Mosiuk), 35:03; 1:2 – Vysotskyi (Rymar, Zherebko, double power play), 39:11; 1:3 – Revuka (Mosiuk), 46:46; 1:4 – Dreval (Shcherbak), 47:59
Series score: 2:0

The first period of the derby was marked by numerous penalties, with the Kryzhynka-Capitals hockey players accumulating five two-minute penalties compared to their opponent’s three. During a 75-second double power play opportunity, Serhii Zharskyi’s team failed to capitalize, allowing the visitors to take a slight lead with a 5×4 goal from Shcherbak.

In the subsequent period, Sokil continued to violate more rules, but the game remained level between Kryzhynka-Capitals and their opponents. Revuka managed to score off Fillipov’s shot, extending the lead for Ihor Arkhypenko’s team.

Towards the end of the second period, Sokil once again found themselves in a double power play situation for 70 seconds. This time, Serhii Zharskyi’s team converted on the second attempt, with Vysotskyi slotting a pass from Rymar behind the goal, beating Boiko for the first time.

In the third period, an unusual incident occurred involving the home team’s goalkeeper, Artem Kulykov. He searched for the puck in his own gear for an extended period before being replaced. In just 33 seconds on the ice, another keeper Mykhailo Shapoval allowed Kryzhinka-Capitals to increase their lead. Revuka skillfully maneuvered around the goalkeeper and scored a double by shooting the puck into the opponents’ empty net.

Shortly after, Dreval scored the fourth goal, decisively securing the victory for Kryzhynka-Capitals. The final score was 4:1, marking their second consecutive win in the series and defending their title as champions of the Junior Hockey League.

It’s worth mentioning the outstanding achievements of our team members. Nazar Boyko was named the championship’s best goalkeeper and most valuable player, while Tymur Lapko was recognized as the top defender.

Special thanks to Ihor Arkhypenko and the guys for an exceptional season!