December 27th, 18:00, Kremechuk, Arena Iceberg. Broadcast: MEGOGO, YouTube FHU

The year 2023 in Ukrainian hockey championship is set to conclude with a highly anticipated match that will determine the leader heading into the next year.

The current standings show Sokil in the lead after securing one point after shootout defeat against Dnipro. This gives Oleg Shafarenko`s team one point advantage over Kremenchuk and Kyiv Capitals. It is worth mentioning that opponents of our team have played 19 matches, while Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team has played only 16.

Speaking specifically about the matches between Kyiv Capitals and Kremenchuk, these two teams have faced each other four times, with three of those matches occurring in the championship. The rivalry started during a cup meeting held in the Poltava region, where Dmytro Sumets’ team secured a victory with a score of 4:1. This loss marked the first defeat for the Capitals at the professional level. In the championship, the most one-sided match between the teams took place at the Kyiv Sports Palace, with Borys Babik delivering an outstanding performance and the Kyiv team winning convincingly with a score of 6:0. Another home match resulted in another victory for the Capitals, with a score of 2:1.

Another championship match between the teams took place at the Iceberg arena and became the longest in the championship due to the presence of air alarms. The team from Poltava region emerged victorious with a score of 5:2. This time, Kyiv Capitals will attempt to improve their match record in Kremenchuk, while Dmytro Sumets` team will strive to maintain their winning streak.

In terms of team updates, Capitals has seen a new addition. Following the match against Berserks, their captain Yehor Bezuglyi has joined Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team and will have an opportunity to make his debut in Kremenchuk. It’s worth mentioning that the final match of the tour between Tryzub and the Kharkiv Berserks is scheduled for January 11th.