Match 1. January 13th, 18:00, Odesa, Sports Palace. Broadcast: YouTube Hockey LIVE
Match 2. January 14th, 10:00, Odesa, Sports Palace. Broadcast: YouTube Hockey LIVE

After the New Year’s break, our team is excited to be back on the ice. This weekend, Kyiv Capitals, led by coach Yevhen Alipov, will be playing their first away matches of the season. They will be traveling to Odesa to face off against the formidable Kraken Sisters.

Three weeks ago, both teams had a thrilling series of matches in Kyiv. The home team dominated those games, scoring a whopping 17 goals in each match while only conceding one. Their performance was truly outstanding.

As we head into this next round of matches, Capitals currently hold the top position in the league. However, the Kharkiv Panthers have also been performing exceptionally well and have not dropped any points. It will be interesting to see if the Capitals can maintain their impressive performance rate, having scored an astonishing 74 goals in just four matches.

It`s worth mentioning that our team has five hockey players who are leading in terms of goal + assist statistics. Particularly noteworthy are the Alipova`s sisters. Elizabeth leads in the number of goals scored with 19 goals and 9 assists, while Elen has provided the highest number of assists with 15 assists and 11 goals. Additionally, Nadiia Kosich (8 goals + 11 assists), Anna Holitsyna (11 goals + 6 assists), and Yuliia Dobrovolska (5 goals + 11 assists) have also showcased impressive performance, placing them in the top five.

Following the December matches, Capitals have emerged as favorites in upcoming meetings. Yevhen Alipov’s team must secure six points to maintain their lead and disregard their competitors’ results. Conversely, Oleksandr Bobkin’s team will strive to showcase their best qualities on home ice.