Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team scored two pucks in each of the periods, and Boris Babik once again made a shutout.

Kharkiv Berserks (Kharkiv) – Kyiv Capitals (Kyiv) – 0:6 (0:2, 0:2, 0:2)

Pucks: 0:1 – Dvornyk (Panchenko, majority), 08:35; 0:2 – Panchenko (Moksunen, Babik), 02:38; 0:3 – Dvornyk (Tуshchenko, Taran, minority), 23:54; 0:4 – Oliynyk (Moksunen, Sekirko), 35:41; 0:5 – Sekirko (Panchenko, Kutsevуch), 51:59; 0:6 – Koida (Dvornyk, Tyshchenko), 58:19

Kyiv Capitals: Boris Babik; Kostyantyn Rіabenko – Eetu Moksunen, Vladyslav Kutsevуch – Serhiі Chernenko – Yaroslav Panchenko; Pavlo Taran (c) – Valentуn Sirchenko, Andriі Kryvonozhkin – Yevhen Sekirko – Mykyta Oliynyk; Tymur Lapko – Oleksandr Koida, Mykola Dvornyk – Danylo Tyshchenko – Vladyslav Lugovyі; Anton Sychynskyi – Denys Khonin, Dmytro Utukin – Oleksandr Valkun – Denys Plesovskуkh

Head coach: Vadym Shakhraichuk

The victory of the Сapitals can be safely called the one won by class. This time Kyiv team have scored not so many pucks as were scored in the Cup match, but anyway its a perfect result.

The score in a game was opened by Dvornyk, who expertly transferred the puck into Sushak’s nets, playing on the heel. Instead, Panchenko managed to double the score. Yaroslav left no chance for the goalkeeper of Berserks after a powerful throw into the corner.

The second twenty minutes of the Сapitals began again with a puck from Dvornyk, who scored a double. This time, Mykola responded to a pass from Tishchenko, and the guests scored during the game in the minority. Oliynyk scored the final puck before the second break. Mykyta also showed great individual actions and completed the pass through the central zone with a well-placed shot.

The success of Kyiv Capitals was completed by Sekirko, who closed a wonderful assist from Kutsevich on the heel, as well as Koida, who completed the three-pointer after passes from Dvornyk and Tishchenko.

As a result, Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team won the first away game in the Ukrainian championship and currently got the third place. As for the other matches of the tour, it should be noted that Sokil defeated Tryzub – 10:0, and Kremenchuk finally pressed Dnipro in the third period – 5:2.