Rekindling glory: Chernenko and Ryabenko’s triumphal comeback.

Kyiv Capitals proudly announce the return of two revered former national team players, Serhiy Chernenko, aged 39, and Kostyantyn Ryabenko, aged 40, as they prepare to resume their illustrious careers with the Kyiv Capitals. These accomplished athletes, known for their rich experience and contributions, will once again grace the ice, infusing their expertise into the team’s ranks. Notably, Chernenko and Ryabenko played pivotal roles in Kyiv “Arsenal’s” triumphant campaign in the first league during the previous season.

A standout defenseman, Ryabenko boasts an impressive resume that includes stints with Sokil, where he clinched two championship victories in 2004 and 2008. His journey has extended beyond Ukrainian borders, encompassing ice time in Poland, Kazakhstan, and Romania. Ryabenko’s remarkable career also saw him secure three national championships in 2003, 2015, and 2016 while representing Steaua from Bucharest and Dunareia from Galati.

Chernenko, a prominent forward, is closely associated with Kyiv “Sokil,” under whose banner he garnered three championship titles. His contributions extended beyond domestic leagues, as he also secured Ukrainian “gold” with the now-defunct HC Kompanion in 2014. Chernenko’s achievements expanded internationally, with two triumphs in the Romanian championship alongside Dunareia in 2015 and 2016. Further adding to his legacy, he celebrated victory in the 2019 Turkish championship with Istanbul’s Zeytinburn.

Notably, Ryabenko boasts 29 games, while Chernenko has 35, amounting to an impressive combined total of 64 games representing the national colors of Ukraine. As these accomplished individuals rejoin the Kyiv Capitals, their wealth of experience and skill promises to significantly enhance the team’s upcoming season.