Finnish player of «Kyiv Capitals» Eetu Moksunen shared his impressions of the start of the championship, and also talked about his moving and life in Ukraine.

Eetu, how can you describe emotions after first match. In your opinion, in which components opponent was better?

We were so far from our level, we dropped our level from practice and we started to play as Dnipro wants. It was a disappointment obviously, but on the other hand it was just the first match and we’re not Olympic athletes who have to wait 4 years to get a new chance.

You played matches against 3 medalists of previous season: «Kremenchuk», «Sokil» and «Dnipro». Which match can you name as the best? What can you say about the readiness of «Capitals» to play against such teams?

So far «Kremenchuk» seems to be in the best form. «Dnipro» is completely different kind of team than «Sokil» «Kremenchuk» and we must be the smarter team against them. Unfortunately, we weren’t it on Sunday. Overall, I think that we`re on right direction when we just get couple more matches and all players will be on the same level.

Next match «Capitals» will play against another new team in ukrainian championship «Tryzub». Derby is always interesting thing. How do you think?

If match against «Dnipro» I can call a physical form test, match against «Tryzub» game will be a mental test. We can make it tough game if we aren’t ready to outskate them.

That’s not your first season in Ukraine. Which ukrainian tradition you can name as the funniest?

Handshakes. You shake hand only when you meet a new person or haven’t seen someone for while in Finland, so basically once a year. In Ukraine you do it at least once a day, probably even more often.

How have you made a decision to play in Ukraine during period of war?

I was assured that it’s safe in Kyiv and I had told everyone that I want to go back to Ukraine one day. I got a chance and I wanted to take it.

How can you describe life in Ukraine for a foreigner nowadays?

I’m lucky as a Finnish that I have never heard any single negative word about my country here and people appreciate Finnish goverment’s help. People are mostly really curious what I’m doing here and what I think about the war. I’m very happy to see how united Ukrainians are nowadays.