In a significant stride toward normalcy, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine recently granted permission for viewers to attend sports events, marking a momentous return for live audience engagements. Hockey will proudly lead this new phase, opening its doors to spectators as the inaugural sporting event.

In a collective effort, the Kyiv Capitals Hockey Club, comprising owners, management, coaching staff, and players across all teams, has unanimously decided to contribute the entire proceeds from ticket sales to support the valiant efforts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This significant gesture reflects the club’s commitment to serving and honoring the nation’s defenders.

As the Kyiv Capitals family, we are deeply committed to our community and the nation’s well-being,” stated a representative of the Kyiv Capitals organization. “While we are thrilled to welcome fans back to the arena, we believe that this opportunity also presents us with a responsibility to support our heroes on the frontlines. By donating all ticket proceeds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we aim to amplify our collective voice in their defense of our freedom.

Notably, the Kyiv Capitals strongly encourage and urge other hockey clubs to follow suit in supporting this initiative. It is essential to recognize the pivotal roles each entity plays in the sports ecosystem: the Sports Palace serves as the venue for matches of all three Kyiv clubs, the Federation of Hockey owns the Ukrainian Championship, and the Minister of Sports oversees the leadership of both the Federation of Hockey and the Sports Palace. Collaboration among these entities is integral to successfully implementing this noble initiative.

We call upon other hockey clubs in Ukraine to follow this initiative, and we also call upon the Ministry of Sports, the management of the Palace of Sports, and the Federation of Hockey of Ukraine to join us in this endeavor,” added the representative.

Together, we can harness the power of sport to unite in our support for Ukraine, its people, and its defenders.

As the Kyiv Capitals initiate this meaningful campaign, they appeal to the wider hockey community and international stakeholders for solidarity and support in this cause.

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