Yevhen Alipov’s team convincingly defeated Kraken Sisters on their home ice, marking their second consecutive victory.

Kyiv Capitals (Kyiv) – Kraken Sisters (Odesa) – 17:0 (5:0; 4:0; 8:0) 

Pucks: 1:0 – Elen Alipova (Elizabeth Alipova, majority), 04:44; 2:0 – Maifeld (Ovchinnikova, Andrushchenko), 05:30; 3:0 – Elizabeth Alipova (Elen Alipova, Dobrovolska), 13:17; 4:0 – Ibrahimova (Kosich, Kapralova), 15:36; 5:0 – Elizabeth Alipova (Dobrovolska, Elen Alipova), 16:57; 6:0 – Elizabeth Alipova (Elen Alipova, Kopylova), 25:20; 7:0 – Fedorenko (Kopylova), 26:17; 8:0 – Holitsyna (Kopylova, Kosich), 27:30; 9:0 – Dobrovolska (Elizabeth Alipova, Elen Alipova), 33:58; 10:0 – Kosich (Kapralova), 41:38; 11:0 – Elizabeth Alipova (Elen Alipova, Dobrovolska), 42:55; 12:0 – Holitsyna (Kosich), 46:16; 13:0 – Elizabeth Alipova (Elen Alipova, Kopylova), 47:10; 14:0 – Holitsyna (Kosich, minority), 49:22; 15:0 – Maifeld (majority), 55:15; 16:0 – Elizabeth Alipova (Elen Alipova, Dobrovolska), 56:07; 17:0 – Elen Alipova (Maifeld, Elizabeth Alipova), 59:00.

Kyiv Capitals: Iryna Zayichenko (Mariana Gamarnyk, 33:12); Valeriia Harbuza – Angelina Maifeld, Yuliia Dobrovolska – Elen Alipova (c) – Elizabeth Alipova; Svitlana Kapralova – Valeriia Kopylova, Olesia Ibrahimova – Anna Holitsyna – Nadiia Kosich; Valeriia Ovchinnikova, Melaniia Fedorenko – Kateryna Andrushchenko – Anna Horbach
Head coach: Yevhen Alipov

Kraken Sisters: Anastasiia Donchu (Viktoriia Milova, 40:00); Olha Khrystorizenko – Mariia Lisova, Karina Usatenko – Alina Soldatova – Karyna Kalugina; Polina Lepska – Mariia Nesterova, Mariia Holubieva – Daryna Chernobrova – Daryna Shvedkova; Milena Toraman – Alina Romanova, Yevheniia Gavva – Kateryna Kuprevych – Daria Bobchynska; Oksana Kaptenko
Head coach: Oleksandr Bobkin

In contrast to yesterday’s meeting, today the players of Kyiv Capitals quickly took the lead by scoring two goals before the midpoint of the sixth minute. Alipova`s sisters took advantage of their numerical advantage, and Elizabeth’s excellent assist enabled Elen to score the opening goal of the game. In less than a minute, hosts doubled their advantage with an effective finish by Maifeld, capitalizing on a successful combination from Yevhen Alipov’s team.

During the latter half of the period, the combination play between Dobrovolska and  Alipova`s sisters once again proved fruitful. This time, Elen provided the assist, and Elizabeth scored the ninth goal for Donchu with a shot from a difficult angle. Before the end of the first period, Kraken Sisters goalkeeper conceded two more goals. Ibrahimova made an excellent save with the help of Kosich’s assist, denying the home team’s swift attack. Elizabet Alipova then successfully converted a throw from Dobrovolska, completing her double.

In the second period, Odesa team managed to hold off the Capitals for just over five minutes before conceding three quick goals. Elizabeth Alipova completed her hat-trick by skillfully finishing off the combination started by Kopylova and Elen Alipova. Additionally, 12-year-old Fedorenko scored a well-executed one-on-one goal against Donchu. Holitsyna was the last to score during this productive spell for Capitals, capitalizing on Kopylova’s throw.

In the ninth goal, Donchu once again had possession, made by the first link of the attack. However, this Alipova`s sisters asiisted Dobrovolska and Yuliia scored for the first time. During the final 20 minutes of the game Yevhen Alipov’s team scored two quick goals. Kosich took advantage of Kapralova’s split pass and scored in a face-to-face confrontation with Milova, who joined the game in the third period. Elizabeth Alipova completed a pentatrick, scoring her fifth goal after receiving a pass from Elen Alipova. Sisters showed great coordination once again, with Elizabeth scoring her sixth goal while Elen scored her second.

Tandem of Kosich and Holitsyna also contributed significantly, with Nadiia assisting twice and Anna completing a quick double and a total hat trick. Before the final siren, Kyiv team managed to score three more goals. Maifeld scored a double, capitalizing on a shot from a distance, Elizabeth Alipova scored her sixth goal after receiving her seventh pass from Elen, and Elen herself completed a double by deflecting Maifeld’s long-distance shot with her stick.

Second time in a row, the team led by Yevhen Alipov managed to score 17 goals against their opponents, demonstrating their remarkable offensive capabilities. Furthermore, the combined efforts of Zaichenko and Gamarnyk resulted in a shutout, showcasing their exceptional defensive skills.

In the remaining matches of the tour, Panthers triumphed over Prydniprovsk team twice in away games, maintaining their unbeaten record. However, it is the Kyiv Capitals who currently hold the top spot in the tournament table, heading into the New Year’s break. This is primarily due to their superior goal difference compared to their opponents. Looking ahead, our team is scheduled to face Kraken Sisters on their home ice in Odesa on January 13-14th.