November 25th, 18:00, Kyiv, Sports Palace. Broadcast: MEGOGO, YouTube FHU

On Saturday, Vadym Shakhraichuk`s team playing their third official derby (fourth match in total) against Sokil. It is worth noting that during the control meeting, the teams ended up in a draw without going into overtime or performing shootouts. However, in the championship, both previous encounters between the teams did not conclude within the regular 65 minutes of gameplay. Instead, the outcomes were determined by post-match shootouts. Unfortunately, our opponents managed to secure four out of the six available points by winning both shootout series.

Both teams are heading into this upcoming meeting on a positive note, following impressive victories over their respective opponents. Sokil emerged victorious against Tryzub, while the Capitals team defeated the Berserks. Remarkably, a total of nine goals were scored across these matches.

It is worth noting the current situation in the tournament table. Following the technical defeat in Vinnytsia, Sokil have lost three points from their score, narrowing their advantage over the Capitals to just one point. Hence, this Saturday’s match at the Palace of Sports will be crucial, as it can potentially determine the allocation of six points.

Among the strengths of the visiting team, their powerful attack stands out. Under the guidance of Vadym Shakhraichuk, they have scored an impressive 70 goals in 12 matches this season, making them the highest-scoring team in the league. Furthermore, in their last two meetings, they successfully found the back of the net on 16 occasions. Additionally, our forward Yaroslav Panchenko, who has recorded 17 goals, remains at the top of the sniper race.

At the same time, Sokil had a remarkable performance in the two recent matches, scoring 14 goals if we don’t count the technical defeat. However, when assessing the previous encounters between the teams, the significance of strong goalkeeping and solid defensive play becomes evident. In this regard, Oleg Shafarenko`s tea currently holds the top position in the championship, having conceded only 15 goals compared to the 21 goals conceded by the Capitals.

Regarding the goalkeepers, both Dyachenko and Babik exhibited a confident game in the last round. However, it the first one successfully kept his goal intact during the shootout series. As we approach the upcoming game on Saturday evening, there is much anticipation from the fans, as the match holds significant importance.

It is worth mentioning that other matches of the tour are scheduled for Sunday. Dnipro will be hosting Tryzub, while the Kharkiv Berserks will be visiting Kremenchuk.