October 1, 14:00, Kyiv, Palace of Sports. Broadcast: YouTube FHU

The teams from Kyiv and Kherson will play the opening match of the Ukrainian hockey championship, starting a three-match marathon that will last two days at the country’s main arena.

The results of the performance within the Cup of Ukraine for both teams were the final second places in their groups. Oleksandr Bobkin’s wards held meetings exclusively with representatives of Kyiv. The first match immediately became a key one for Kherson team. In the match against Sokіl, Dnipro was ahead with a score of 3:1, but eventually lost in a shootout. Match number 2 ended for Oleksandr Bobkin’s team with a victory over Tryzub – 4:2. However, Sokil became the representative of group A in the final.

In turn, Vadym Shakhraichuk’s wards started their cup journey with a crushing victory over Kharkiv Berserks – 11:2. At the same time, in the decisive meeting, Capitals lost at match against the future winner of the Cup of Ukraine – HC Kremechnuk – 1:4.

So, both teams have something to prove and something to fight for, because everyone wants to start the championship on a good note. Among the recent news, we can admit the friendly match that Capitals played against Sokіl. The final score was draw – 4:4.

As for face-to-face confrontations, it should be noted that seven Kyiv Capitals hockey players previously played for the «sharks». Among them: Valentyn Sirchenko, Kyrylo Bondarenko, Vladyslav Luhovyi, Danylo Tyshchenko, Anton Sichynskyi, Oleksandr Koyda and Mykola Dvornyk. Moreover, the last four defended the colors of Dnipro last season.

The match between Vadym Shakhraichuk’s and Oleksadr Bobkin`s teams can be considered as central in the first round. Both teams are considered by experts to be among the four favorites who will fight for the championship. However, we will see who is stronger at this moment on Sunday.

As for the other pairs of the tour, we note that on October 1 at 18:00 Sokil will host Kharkiv Berserks, and a day later at the same time Trуzub will play against Kremenchuk.