Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team, thanks to a productive game in the second and third periods and a shutout by Borys Babik, defeated the current holders of the Cup of Ukraine.

Kyiv Capitals (Kyiv) – Kremenchuk – 6:0 (0:0; 3:0; 3:0)

Pucks: 1:0 – Panchenko, 24:25; 2:0 – Kutsevych (Chernenko, Panchenko, majority), 29:56; 3:0 – Chernenko (Kutsevych, Berdniks), 32:39; 4:0 – Krivonozhkin (Dvornyk), 44:10; 5:0 – Panchenko, 53:17; 6:0 – Dvornyk (Moksunen), 54:28

Kyiv Capitals: Boris Babik; Kostyantyn Ryabenko – Denis Berdniks, Vladyslav Kutsevich – Serhii Chernenko (c) – Yaroslav Panchenko; Valentin Sirchenko – Pavlo Taran, Andriy Kryvonozhkin – Yevhen Sekirko – Mykyta Oliynyk; Tymur Lapko – Eetu Moksunen, Mykola Dvornyk – Danylo Tyshchenko – Vladyslav Lugovyi; Denys Khonin – Oleksandr Dreval, Oleksandr Valkun – Denys Plesovskykh – Oleksandr Koida
Head coach: Vadym Shakhraichuk

Kremenchuk: Daniil Makarenko (Kyrylo Kucher, 45); Hlib Varava – Denys Matusevych, Hlib Kryvoshapkin – Vitaly Lialka (c) – Artem Tselohorodtsev; Dmytro Ignatenko – Nikita Krugliakov, Svyatoslav Tymchenko – Vladyslav Braga – Bohdan Serednytskyi; Bohdan Pankov – Mykhailo Gevorkyan – Daniil Kryvenko – Tymofii Savytskyi; Maksym Maksymenko – Danylo Babchuk, Borys Andrushchenko – Daniil Duka – Illia Fedorov
Head coach: Dmytro Sumets

The starting period showed that it will be interesting match. The teams fought uncompromisingly on the ice, but the main heroes were the goalkeepers of both teams – Makarenko and Babik. There were enough opportunities during the game in the majority, but none of the teams managed to realize a quantitative advantage at least once. We should also note the coaching decision of Vadym Shakhraichuk, the coach of the Capitals, who released the newcomer Denis Berdniks in the starting line.

The Kyiv team opened the scoring in the 25th minute during the 4×4 game. The best scorer of the championship, Panchenko, took advantage of a mistake by Kremenchuk defender Matusevуch, who picked up the puck on the heel and shot Makarenko.

Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team quickly doubled their leadership. Kutsevych completed the three-way match with an accurate shot from close range. It happened during the last moments of the stay of Kyiv team in the majority.

The hosts did not stop and tripled their advantage. Berdniks made first assist in new team to Chernenko, and Serhii sent the puck into Makarenko’s possession with a spectacular one-touch throw.

In general, if we praise the Capitals for the second period, then, in addition to the actions of the first link, it is worth mentioning once again about Babik, who «did not allow» opponents to score during important moments.

The final twenty minutes also started with a goal. Kryvonozhkin during the attack of the Capitals upset Makarenko for the fourth time. It should be noted that after that he was replaced by Kucher at the last stage.

However, Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team continued to act courageously and were not going to defend the score. Panchenko scored the double after a successful face-to-face exit. For Yaroslav, this productive throw was the eighth of the season. Less than a minute later, the Capitals scored their sixth goal. Moksunen made an assist and Dvornyk sent the third puck in the third period.

So, 6:0 is by far the most important and brightest victory of our team in history, which brought them the tenth point and took them to the second place in the tournament table. We reinforce the pleasant score with the fact that Borys Babik managed to make the third shutout of the season and became the leader in the championship according to this indicator.

It should be noted that the Capitals will play their next match on Monday against Tryzub in Kyiv Sports Palace.