Yevhen Alipov’s and Vadym Radchenko’s teams alternated victories, much to the delight of our competitors.

Match 1. Panthers (Kharkiv) – Kyiv Capitals (Kyiv) – 1:5 (0:1; 1:3; 0:1)
Pucks: 0:1 – Holitsyna (Ibrahimova), 11:23; 0:2 – Elen Alipova (Ibrahimova, Fedorenko), 32:26; 0:3 – Elen Alipova, 35:20; 0:4 – Elizabeth Alipova (Andrushchenko, Elen Alipova), 37:30; 1:4 – Tsenova (Galas, Les, power play), 38:46; 1:5 – Elen Alipova (Andrushchenko, Elizabeth Alipova), 44:02

Match 2. Panthers (Kharkiv) – Kyiv Capitals (Kyiv) – 6:0 (2:0; 2:0; 2:0)
Pucks: 1:0 – Lubenets (Tsenova), 16:06; 2:0 – Les, 19:56; 3:0 – Tkachuk, 21:24; 4:0 – Slashchova (Tkachuk), 30:42; 5:0 – Lubenets (Les, power play), 46:20; 6:0 – Malashchenko (Ievleva), 53:42

Panthers: Maryna Lysenko; Polina Lubenets – Viktoriia Shymanska, Hanna Les (c) – Viktoriia Tsenova – Melissa Galas; Kateryna Malashchenko – Diana Ptashkina, Olena Tkachuk – Tetiana Slashchova – Olha Ievleva; Yelyzaveta Ustynina – Daria Shvets, Kateryna Seredenko – Kateryna Kryvka – Victoriia Fesenko; Daria Vorobyova – Yana Varianytsia
Head coach: Vadym Radchenko

Kyiv Capitals: Iryna Zaichenko, Marianna Hamarnyk; Svitlana Kapralova – Valeriia Ovchinnikova, Kateryna Andrushchenko – Elen Alipova (c) – Elizabeth Alipova; Valeriia Kopylova, Melaniia Fedorenko – Olesia Ibrahimova – Nadiia Kosich – Anna Holitsyna; Anna Horbach
Head coach: Yevhen Alipov

The teams competing in the championship finals were not at full squad. Kharkiv’s women’s team was missing Varvara Izmailova, who had recently played for the Ukrainian national team. Capitals were also missing key players, including another national team player Yuliia Dobrovolska, Angelina Maifeld, and Valeriia Harbuza.

Despite these absences, Yevhen Alipov’s team needed to win by a margin of 12 goals over two matches.

In the first match, Capitals managed to defeat Panthers for the first time this season with a score of 5:1, thanks in part to Elen Alipova’s hat trick. However, a significant effort was required in the second match to achieve their overall goal.

Unfortunately, Capitals struggled with a lack of rotation, as only two lineups were available, making it challenging to compete against more experienced opponents. Kharkiv team took revenge in the second match, winning 6:0.

This victory enabled Vadym Radchenko’s team to secure gold medals this season. Simultaneously, Yevhen Alipov’s squad claimed the second spot, while Kraken Sisters took home the bronze.

Notably, three hockey players from our team were honored with individual awards in various categories. Elizabeth Alipova, boasting 41 goals and 24 assists, emerged as the championship’s top scorer. Her sister, Elen, received recognition as the premier forward and Valeriia Kopylova was hailed as the best defender.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participating teams in this season’s championship!