January 31st, 18:00, Odesa, Sports Palace. Broadcast: MEGOGO, YouTube FHU

Today, Vadym Shakhraichuk’s team will play against Dnipro in Odesa for the second time this season. As of now, the two teams have already played three matches against each other. In two of those matches, the Pikes emerged victorious, winning in Kyiv with a score of 3:1 and in Odesa with a score of 3:0. However, Capitals managed to outperform their opponents on their home rink, winning with a convincing score of 7:2.

It is worth mentioning that Oleksandr Bobkin’s team enters this match with high spirits, as they have won their last five matches consecutively. Their most recent victory was against Sokil in a home game, where they secured a 2:1 win. On the other hand, Kyiv team has suffered two consecutive defeats. Like several other teams in the league, they have been affected by the virus, which has slightly hindered their performance. In both defeats, the team lacked strength, particularly in the third period.

Despite this, the match in Kremenchuk was undoubtedly the highlight of this year’s championship, providing an exhilarating display of skill and excitement for the fans. A total of 14 goals were scored, with the hosts, Kremenchuk, having the upper hand with an 8:6 victory.

However, what matters the most now are the results. The race for the top-4 spots, which guarantee a better place in the playoffs, has already begun. Considering the unique characteristics of each venue, the advantage of playing at home during relegation matches can become a crucial factor. Therefore, every single win is significant, especially in face-to-face encounters.

We have to admit that teams will enter the match with the following standings: Capitals currently holds the third place, having accumulated 47 points from 24 matches. On the other hand, Dnipro has 46 points after 23 matches.

It’s worth noting that this week have a reserve days allocated for any postponed matches. Apart from our upcoming fixture, there was a match between Tryzub and Kremenchuk yesterday. The team from the Poltava region secured a hard-fought victory with a score of 3:1.